Another weekend of commitments went to the archives for the Verona Volley Youth Sector, protagonist in the various categories. Below are the results of all the yellow and blue teams.

SERIES C – GROUP A: VERONA VOLLEY – ROM PLASTICA CLODIA 1-3 (25-22; 22-25; 19-25; 22-25)

Good performance by the guys from Verona against the more experienced rivals from Chioggia, who came out as winners of the challenge. Although no points have arrived, there have been clear improvements in attack with a good percentage of efficiency, guaranteed above all by Padovani, who has reached high levels with 60% of balls on the ground. The race was fought, with the two teams not sparing each other, playing each set point to point. Only in the second half of the match did the guests show their greatest experience, reducing errors to zero and defending effectively. The good performance of the Valbusa and Ferri plants should be noted.

SERIES D – GROUP B: FURLAN PROJECT – VERONA VOLLEY 3-1 (25-15; 21-25; 25-19; 25-16)

In the long trip to San Donà di Piave, Del Bello and his teammates failed to collect the first points of the season. Despite the misstep, the Gialloblù boys showed at times a good game full of defenses and counterattacks. The physicality of the Venetian boys made the difference during the game and from nine meters they put the guests in great difficulty, obtaining important breaks. Coach Marchesan, however, said he was satisfied with his team’s performance: “We took a step forward in some situations, but today it was objectively very difficult for us to compete with this type of service. We remained in the race for long stretches of the match playing point a I also score in the sets finished with a greater gap. This means that we have to improve our concentration, especially in the final stages of the partials. “


Within the friendly walls, the U19 selection showed a good performance, confirming the growth of the last few weeks. The whole team showed character and continuity, closing the practice in just three sets and without particular worries. After an uphill start, dictated by some difficulties in reception, the yellow and blue of coach Marconi have taken the measures and spread. Padovani showed himself once again, who also in this case was close to 60% positivity in attack. Good management in Mezzani’s control room, able to distribute balls to his teammates with precision and intelligence. Also, the power plants with unsurpassed Valbusa on the wall are doing well. U17 INTERRITORIAL – GROUP A: VERONA VOLLEY – POVEGLIANO DUAL 3-0 (25-10; 25-13; 25-21) Primacy of the group in the safe for the Scala team, which achieved another full result. Against Povegliano, Mantovani and his teammates played a careful and precise match for almost the entire match, encountering a physiological decline only in the final part of the third set. This allowed the visiting team to get back into the game and put some pressure. Then, it all turned out for the best. The whole group provided positive indications to coach Marchesan, who, as often happens, varied the sextet, always receiving convincing answers. “I am very happy with the approach and how we managed our service – said the Gialloblù coach – We still need to improve a lot in some situations in the defensive and reconstruction phase, especially in the hottest moments. This success allows us to prepare better. the second phase of the tournament “.

U15 INTERRITORIAL – GROUP A: VERONA VOLLEY – DUAL 3-1 (25-19; 25-18; 22-25; 25-12)

After last week’s external affirmation, the U15 boys won the entire stakes even within the home walls, overcoming the Dual obstacle for 3 to 1. The team led by coach Murtas managed the first two partials without worries, stumbling into the third due to a drop in pace and attention that allowed opponents to close the gap. Good guests to believe it, but the yellow and blue have not suffered the backlash, coming to close the accounts. Three points of vital importance for the morale of the whole group.


The Ex ISEF gym in Borgo Venezia was the scene of the seasonal debut of the U15 selection, which began its journey with a defeat. Fulgor Thiene’s guests won with a clear 0-3. In the first and third set the two teams conceded a good part of the match on the rails of equilibrium, broken in the final stages by the Vicenza’s. Second partial, however, without history. There is a good series in the service of Coelho and good attacking percentages from Leghi. At the end of the match, coach Pallaro said: “We have seen positive things from the individuals, but we still have a lot of work to do on group understanding. This match has shown us the level of the championship, and now we will train with even more motivation to make it. get ready in the second leg “.