In view of the Derby del Veneto against Pallavolo Padova, scheduled for tomorrow evening at 19.30 at the Pala AGSM AIM, Radostin Stoytchev, coach of WithU Verona, and spiker Giulio Magalini spoke at the press conference.

These are the words of the Gialloblù coach: “Analyzing the Padua team, I must say that they have a good reception and many interesting players in the various departments, including our former athlete Asparuhov, who has earned the title and has very good percentages in reception, attacking and serving. They push in place four with Takahashi, have excellent receivers and often play on the opposite side. If they get the day right with three fit players, they can be dangerous. We will have to be good at attacking them when needed. For us it is a very important challenge and we are preparing it well. As always, we have to focus on the fundamentals. If the race bears fruit, it means that we are going in the right direction. In the last month I have seen mental growth, concentration and knowledge of the different situations we are developing”.

Then, drawing a parallel with the city event of these days, he continued: “The marathon lies in the search for continuity. The team marathon is a process that tells us that we must continue to maintain the same level, always adding something more. We have many young players, all with great potential. We are interested in the future, but also very much in the present. The final step of the marathon is in two years and we work every day to achieve this goal”.

Then he spoke about Magalini: “I think Giulio has improved a lot in receiving, serving and also blocking, where he was a little weaker. Now he has reached a higher level. He has also made huge strides in moving around the field without the ball. Against Taranto he put all the fundamentals into practice and it’s the hardest thing for a young player to do. On the pitch you have to be good at putting things together. In the next two years he has to concentrate on Semeniuk’s type of play, which is the strongest in Europe this year. He is working well to become a very important player, also for the national team.”

Finally, he concluded with a comment on the somewhat penalizing timetables: “The timetable penalizes us for the public and for the organization of the sporting event, but it must not be an alibi. Many teams play cups, make long journeys and have a more complicated calendar with repercussions from a physical and global point of view. We too have to work on this, to get used to playing so many close matches”.

Afterwards, Veronese hammer Giulio Magalini intervened: “I’m happy with the summer I had with the U22 national team, with which I won the European Championship. I am aware that I am in a team where there is much more competitiveness, both physically and technically. For this reason, the fact that I’m finding less space doesn’t bother me in any way. I know that I still have to improve a lot to make my contribution to the cause, when I have the opportunity to take the field.”