In view of the tenth day of SuperLega Credem Banca against Emma Villas Aubay Siena, scheduled for Sunday evening at 20.30 at Pala AGSM AIM, Radostin Stoytchev, coach of WithU Verona, and central defender Andrea Zanotti spoke at the press conference.

These are the words of the Gialloblù coach: “I think defeats are very important because we need to see our limits and margins for growth. After last week’s match we analyzed where we need to work the most to improve. Tactical and mental growth is different for all players, but the common goal is to always win the next game. The match against Siena is fundamental because we want to demonstrate a fluid game and clear ideas on the pitch. At the moment they are at the bottom of the standings, but this was also dictated by external factors. We have a lot of respect for them, so it will be a complicated match. We must be ready to face a battle. I like to remember a sentence by Raphael Nadal after the Australian Open, which struck me a lot. He had said “I knew I could lose the game, but I couldn’t compare to myself if I gave up.” Well, I want to have a team that never gives up.”

Then he continued his analysis: “Our fundamentals are of a high level, but I want to see the team manage some situations differently. We have not yet gained the experience of recognizing the importance of the point, the move or a simple action. The match in Modena taught us that we weren’t able to maintain the right lucidity in certain situations, such as in the first set. Then when we encounter some difficulties, even small ones, we are not always able to best reproduce the things developed in training. As I often repeat, we reason match by match. Thinking about the standings at this point in the season would be counterproductive for us. I repeat that it will not be an easy game at all. We are fully booked this week. We have no injuries or serious situations. Everyone is training at full speed.”

Finally, he concluded as follows: “Our players really want to do well. They must be relaxed and calm on the pitch to put into practice the work done during the week. Some handle tension badly due to their young age, but we aim to train high-level athletes who are not influenced by these factors. The fans? I’m very happy if they have fun, also because they help us a lot at home and away.”

Afterwards, Andrea Zanotti took the floor: “Now I’m working well, the group is very close-knit beyond the result in Modena. I’m not playing a lot, but I try to always be useful to the team at any moment, giving my best in training. The match against Siena is very important, we have to give a positive response after last Sunday, where we played quite badly and weren’t able to stay in the game. We worked hard to fix what didn’t work.”