A gigantic victory. Ransom had to be and ransom was. With a show of great character WithU Verona scores the big shot, beating Allianz Milano 3-0 and finding a smile after two defeats. The team led by coach Stoytchev conquers the full loot and rises to 8 points in the standings, bypassing the opponents of the day. A choral performance of applause from the Scala, who close with 59% of winning attacks. Well below the net Sapozhkov, author of 16 points, and the Keita-Mozic couple, able to land 13 balls each. The Slovenian was also awarded as the MVP of the match. The next appointment is set for next Sunday at 18.00, always away, on the field of Lube Civitanova.

FIRST SET In the starting sextet Spirito returns to the control room, with Sapozhkov completing the diagonal. Coach Stoytchev confirms the Mozic-Keita hammer tandem, while in the center he relies on Cortesia and Grozdanov. In the role of free there is Gaggini. The match opens with an error in the service of Ebadipour. After an interesting exchange, Verona finds the first break with Mozic (1-3). Spirito rewards Keita from the second line, who stamps an impregnable pipe for the opposing defense. The guests go to the first time-out four lengths ahead, after a good start (3-7). A mani out by Keita is worth the extension, but Porro from nine meters takes care of shortening the distance with two aces (7-9). Sapozhkov interrupts the series of the young house setter, but it is Spirito who takes the stage, also assisted by good luck at serving (8-13). Loser also placed the ace, but Grozdanov didn’t fit in and he also hurts from nine meters (12-18). The Gialloblù gain confidence and thanks to Mozic’s monster block they take off on 14-20. Verona imposes itself 25 to 20.

SECOND SET The hosts do not seem to feel the blow and when they return to the pitch they present themselves with the right attitude. The Scaligeri suffer in the first exchanges, but with a first half of Courtesy and with two shots of excellent workmanship by Mozic they overturn the score (7-9). Patry gets even with a block (9-9). We travel on the balance rails, with the two teams responding blow for blow. Sapozhkov lands a winning diagonal, which brings WithU to +2. In the wake of the Russian, Mozic also enters, stamping on 15-18. Yet another ace from Porro gives Powervolley confidence back, with Mergarejo reducing the gap to -2. Mozic, however, is also irrepressible from the second line, playing the charge. He is then the same number 19 to put an end to the partial on 22-25.

THIRD SET At the start of the third set, Porro confirms himself as a sniper from the back line. Milan goes up the slope and with a wall of Piano the break falls (5-3). Patry then closes a trade, dropping +4 on the Veronese. Sapozhkov cut the Olympic champion’s positive streak, but Allianz retained a decent five-point lead. Grozdanov’s one-two leads Verona to 12-8. Mozic closes the mirror to Patry subnet and further shortens the distance. The troop in Piazza holds up the impact and with a winning attack from Ishikawa rises to 19-15. An ace from Ishikawa seems to channel the challenge towards the fourth set, but Keita is not there. The Malian first draws the score, then overturns the result. The comeback is complete and Ebadipour’s mistake allows Verona to snatch a screaming success.

Coach Stoytchev’s words at the end of the match: “Unlike last round, we entered the field with the right clarity, which we managed to maintain throughout the match, starting from the first set. We managed the various situations. in the best possible way and kept control of the race. I’m happy with the team’s performance because we have put into practice what we have trained during the week and I hope that we will have this winning mentality also in the next matches. Today we enjoy the victory, from tomorrow we will go back to work to prepare for the next game “.