Third consecutive seal for WithU Verona, which after the two home victories conquers the Monza Arena, overcoming Vero Volley with a score of 3 to 1. Continuity in the game and character are the two ingredients that characterized the great performance of the Gialloblù, able to keep their composure even after the decline in the third set and to close the practice in the fourth. Three valuable points for Stoytchev’s team, which thus rises to 27 in the standings. The top scorer palm of the challenge went to Noumory Keita, who grounded 18 balls from the opposite side. Double figures also for Rok Mozic, who spiced up his performance with 16 points, 3 aces and 2 blocks, numbers that earned him the MVP award. In a week, Spirito and his companions will be away again for the Veneto derby with Pallavolo Padova.


In the starting sextet coach Stoytchev confirms the diagonal formed by Spirito in the control room and Keita in the opposite role. The couple Magalini-Mozic reappears in the band, with Grozdanov and Cortesia in the centre, while the libero is Gaggini. The match opens with two shots from Davyskiba, but the guests respond with a first half from Grozdanov for the 2 – 2. The local team finds the first draw with Di Martino’s ace, who scores on the back line (4 -2). Galassi’s block is answered by Mozic, who plays excellently with the opponent’s hands. After +4 from the hosts, Magalini lights up, placing two balls that reduce the gap (9-8). From seat 4 Maar finds the winning corridor for 12-10, before Mozic folds his hands on the block. Keita puts in a winning long line, but Monza increases its advantage, going up to 19-15. The Malian hammer shoots hard and Mozic blocks Szwarc against the wall, shortening the distance (20-17). A mistake by Maar allows the Gialloblù to go within 1 (21-20). After Keita’s draw, an air invasion gives the overtaking (22-23), it is Grozdanov who puts the seal on the set (24-26).


Upon returning to the field, the hosts immediately extend by three lengths, but two precise aces from Mozic are worth the tie (3-3). With Maar’s block, the Brianzas get back ahead in scoring, then Spirito puts the opponent’s reception in difficulty with a long and effective series of serves, culminating with an ace and overtaking (8-9). A wall of courtesy allows Verona to stretch on 10-13. Magalini then collects an overturned bagher calibrated to the centimeter by Mozic and stamps the point of 12-17. Szwarc tries to reopen the game with an ace, but Keita responds with a block (16-20). Courtesy’s first half anticipates Mozic’s left-footed shot, which is worth the set point (18-24). Grozer sends out from nine meters and the guests have the upper hand also in the second set (20-25).


The third fraction kicks off with the wall of Spirito, to which Maar responds with a precise longline. The Canadian side also hits later, giving him the first break of the set (4-2). Vero Volley tries to escape with the direct point from nine meters signed by Galassi. The Gialloblù are back in the slipstream with a diagonal from Mozic (7-4). Keita pushes to serve, finding an ace that slips into the back of the field, but Eccheli’s troop recovers and goes up 12-6 thanks to Davyskiba, who punishes twice in a row. Courtesy interrupts the strip, picking up on Spirito’s suggestion as best as possible. Monza takes off and builds a lead of nine lengths (18-9). The Scala players try to make up for it, but the opponent holds up the impact and digs the furrow. Magalini signs the pipe, then Hernandez, who took over from the injured Davyskiba, finds the first of many set points. In the end, Jensen’s mistake in the serve delivers the partial to the locals.


Keita sends the ball into the net at the start of the fourth set, but is remedied immediately afterwards with an elusive attack. The initial balance is broken by a first intention point from Mozic, who makes the most of a wrong reception. Magalini is precise in batting, folding the hands of the home defense to make it 4-6. Verona consolidates the +2 thanks to a block of three that leaves no way out for the opponents. Verona plays a good game and with Mozic’s ace flies to 9-13. Grozdanov places the block that is worth the stretch on 11-16, before Magalini further increases the advantage with a precise attack. Mozic roars once again from place 4, but the applause is all for the next block, which coincides with the 15-20. Marttila keeps the hopes of the Brianza alive, but Verona is compact and with Keita puts the seal on the challenge.