An evening in clear yellow-blue hues. WithU Verona unleashes an extraordinary group performance and beats Cucine Lube Civitanova in the tie-break, giving the Verona of volleyball its first victory against the Marches since January 2015. In front of 4438 pulsating souls, Stoytchev’s team tamed the reigning Italian champions, snatching two precious points that allow them to return to the full playoff zone. Second consecutive success for the Gialloblù and second MVP award in a row for Keita, who clocked in 29 times on the opposite side. Screaming performance also for Magalini, author of 13 points and 3 blocks. Next engagement scheduled for Sunday 5 February on the Vero Volley Monza field.


In the starting sextet coach Stoytchev confirms Spirito in the control room. Keita is placed in the opposite role, while the two spikers are Mozic and Magalini. In the center, space for the couple formed by Cortesia and Grozdanov. Gaggini confirmed in the free role. It starts with a mistake by Diamantini in serve and the first point in favor of the hosts. After Mozic’s shot from nine meters, Cortesia immediately raises his voice against the block to make it 3 – 2. Zaytsev enters the game, finding two valuable points, which are worth overtaking (5-6). With his sights, Grozdanov scores the first ace of the day. Zaytsev is no less, who finds the break for him from nine meters (8-10), an advantage they maintain thanks to Chinenyeze’s winning first half. The Gialloblù take the stage against the block, with three consecutive goals scored by Keita, Magalini and Grozdanov, which are worth the counter pass (14-12). The guests bring the match back to a draw with Yant’s ace, they come back on but Keita doesn’t fit and scores 19-19, then the referee punishes an aerial invasion by Cortesia (19-21). Keita goes up to the sky to put the ball on the ground for 22-21. A crazy ace from Mozic is worth the set point, then a misunderstanding between the Marche ranks allows Verona to unlock the match on 25 to 22.


Rocketing start also in the second half for the Scala, with a Keita in a state of grace. Then Nikolov finds the direct point from nine meters to make it 3-3. Cortesia is also incisive on serve, as is Grozdanov, who unleashes a monster block (7-6). The Bulgarian centre-back puts the rearguard in difficulty even when serving with an ace that blows up the arena (10-8). La Lube recovers the disadvantage, but Magalini first and Keita then re-establish the distances (15-13). Verona stretches from 18 to 16, but Blengini’s boys don’t give up and put the game back on track (20-20). Keita explodes his power from place 4, finding two points that put the Gialloblù up 23-20. Magalini leaves no way out for the opposing defense with an elusive diagonal. It is Keita who puts the seal on 25 to 22.


Upon returning to the field, Diamantini finds the ace, to which Mozic responds immediately. The Slovenian repeats himself by signing the point of 3-3. The guests extend by two lengths, but Magalini reduces the gap with a winning long line (4-5). The cooks try to dig the groove, especially with good wall continuity, but WithU stays in line with Keita’s winning attack. The guests go on +3, an advantage they maintain and which is later halved by the usual Keita (14-16). First the Cortesia wall and then Keita’s lightning brings the match back to a draw (18-18). I’m bringing back some guests on 19-21. Bottolo signs the 20-23 at the end of a prolonged action. A point from nine meters from Yant allows the Marches to reopen the games.


La Lube unlocks the score in the fourth set. Cortesia responds with a winning first half, then it is Mozic who takes the stage with a monster block that is worth 3 to 2. Grozdanov is just as incisive in this fundamental and the Veronese crowd raises the volume even more. Verona goes ahead by two lengths, which it maintains thanks to a serving error by De Cecco (8-6). The red and whites find a great reaction and with Yant’s ace they overtake (8-9). A kick by Magalini with a left foot coincides with 12-12. The Veronese spiker is furious under the net and scores two more valuable points. Diamantini’s ace gives him +3 (16-19). Garcia stamps the 17-21 with an ace, followed by that of Bottolo (18-23). After Magalini’s wall, Civitanova evened the score.


Mozic opens the ball with an elusive long line for the opposing defence. Verona is precise and with Cortesia’s block it goes up 4 – 0. Keita shoots hard, making it 5 – 1. Garcia concludes an exciting exchange, shortening the distances (5-3). Keita shoots very hard and sends the teams to change sides at 8-4. The Malian is uncontainable, also placing the 10-6 ball. Verona holds up the recovery attempt of the guests and with Mozic finds the first match point. The guests close the gap with Yant, but Bottolo’s error in serving delivers an extraordinary victory in Verona!