Tiger Spaces 4.7 Now Available for Download

The latest version of our flexible project and user management software for Media & Entertainment – Tiger Spaces 4.7, is now available for download. In this release, you will find an updated list of supported systems (including Mac computers with Apple Silicon – M1, M2 chips), improved Active Directory domain integration, as well as a host of fixes and improvements.

What’s New in Tiger Spaces Version 4.7?

  • Support for Apple Silicon Computers

You can install and run version 4.7 of the Tiger Spaces client driver on ARM-based Apple Mac computers.

  • Support for Windows 11/Server 2022

You can install and run version 4.7 of Tiger Spaces and the Tiger Spaces client driver for Windows on computers running Windows 11/Server 2022.

  • Support for macOS Ventura

You can install version 4.7 of the Tiger Spaces client driver on computers running both Intel-based and ARM-based macOS Ventura (64-bit).

  • Improved Active Directory Domain Integration

You can now better manage the permissions you grant to workspaces, share workspaces with whole groups of Active Directory domain users (with faster enumeration of users when applying workspace permissions), and more.

  • Spaces|MAM Improvements

You can now choose whether to add a workspace to Spaces|MAM when creating or importing it in Tiger Spaces, as well as resync the contents of the workspaces depot with Spaces|MAM choosing to perform the operation for just one workspace or for multiple selected workspaces.

Other updates in Version 4.7 include:

  • Workspace name convention changes to prevent issues with mounting workspaces
  • Unified workspace mount path on macOS clients
  • Support for new Tiger Bridge targets
  • Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2019 on the database server
  • No automatic upgrade of the Tiger Spaces client software
  • Changing the owner of a workspace
  • New location for storing SSL certificates
  • Dropped support for macOS X Mavericks and macOS X Yosemite