Wednesday evening worth remembering for Rana Verona, who continues to garner applause in this second round of the SuperLega. In the midweek round, a few days after having won against PalaBarton, Coach Stoytchev’s team also made a strong statement against Gas Sales Bluenergy Piacenza, the third force of the tournament, and snatched another applause-worthy victory. Yet another test of character and depth for the Scala team, who confirm the positive moment with the tenth success in the last eleven championship outings. D’Amico’s contribution in the defensive phase was fundamental, as he earned the MVP nomination thanks to his 71% reception positivity rate. The libero with the number 6 is increasingly in control of the second line. In attack, Mozic recorded important numbers with 19 points totaled, while Spirito was particularly inspired, even when serving (2 aces). Once the celebrations are over, the gaze turns to Milan, where the match against Allianz takes place on Sunday.

In the starting sextet, Coach Stoytchev relies on the hands of Spirito in the control room, with Amin completing the diagonal. Dzavoronok is in the squad alongside captain Mozic, while Zingel and Grozdanov act in the center of the net, with D’Amico in the role of libero.

The match starts with Caneschi’s winning first half, to which Amin and Mozic respond for the immediate overtaking (2-1). The guests remain close, but Dzavoronok plays well with his hands from the second line to make it 7-4. Anastasi calls the time-out, but Grozdanov doesn’t save himself from place three and scores the +5 (9-4). Caneschi’s block tries to give his team momentum again, then Amin restores the gap with a precise long shot (11-6). Spirito strikes on his own from nine meters and exalts the audience with an ace to the kiss (13-8). A confused action causes the ball to hit Mozic, perfect to score (15-9). The Emilian team tries to regain ground, before Dzavoronok’s precision diagonal (21-15). Piacenza gets back on top thanks to a good series of serves from Leal, with Recine making it 22-19. Amin interrupts the streak, then Mozic scores the set point, before Amin closes the score at 25-22.

Mozic explodes all his power upon returning to the court with a high-speed pipe, before signing the 4-2 with a no-look from place four. Grozdanov holds the double lead with an exhilarating block, but Simon’s ace is worth the momentary draw (5-5). After a disputed video check, Amin shoots hard down the line, then Spirito uses cunning with a second touch (8-7). We play blow for blow, then Amin gives him the break phase with an ace that goes right on the sideline (12-10). Leal’s narrow diagonal shortens, but Mozic goes ahead with a lob that makes it 15-13. The number 19 gets excited, with a point from the second line that falls on the baseline (18-13). Verona takes off, once again dragged by an irrepressible Mozic, capable of also scoring the 22-13 point at the end of an interminable exchange. Spirit raises his voice to the wall again, then puts the seal Dzavoronok (25-15).

Piacenza tries to react in the third half, but Amin’s attack allows the oroblu to put their face forward (3-2). The two teams battle and Grozdanov’s shot keeps his team ahead (5-4). Spirito is still decisive on the block, followed by Grozdanov, also assisted by luck from nine meters with an ace that makes it 8-5. The guests grab a draw. It goes point by point, with D’Amico saving a practically impossible ball which leads to Mozic’s point of 13-12. The first extension by the red and whites comes thanks to the ace scored by Caneschi (15-17). Romanò replies from nine meters and sends his score to 16-20. Simon increases the gap with his first half which virtually closes the half (18-23). Verona tries to react, but Romanò reopens the challenge with a pipe (20-25).

The fourth set opens with Leal’s winning block, Amin plays the charge and Spirito uses the protractor to serve for the 2-2. An overturned bagher from the Scaliger director is a wedding invitation for Mozic, who fires a pipe that brings applause (4-3). Grozdanov makes a big statement on the block, blocking Simon with a movie library monster block and extending the lead (7-4). Amin explodes his power on serve, before being stopped by Caneschi at the net (9-7). Dzavoronok restores momentum to his team, finding the hand-out for 11-7. Verona is continuous and induces the opponents to make mistakes, so much so that Romanò gives the point of 14-8. The Scaligeri take off, Leal tries to give strength to his team, but the gap remains important. Romanò’s ace and Simon’s block raise the game (16-13). Verona does not give up and with Amin extends the lead and Dzavoronok pushes his team to 23-19. Verona closes it with a monster block to frame by Zingel on Leal (25-21).


Rana Verona – Gas Sales Bluenergy Piacenza 3–1 (25-22; 25-15; 20-25; 25-21)

Rana Verona: Spirito 5, Amin 14, Mozic 19, Dzavoronok 12, Grozdanov 7, Zingel 2, D’Amico (L), Jovovic, Keita, Sani, Cortesia, Mosca, Zanotti, Bonisoli (L). All. Stoytchev

Gas Sales Bluenergy Piacenza: Brizard 2, Romanò 10, Leal 24, Lucarelli 12, Simon 7, Caneschi 10, Scanferla (L), Dias, Gironi, Andringa, Recine 6, Alonso, Ricci, Hoffer (L). All. Anastasi

Referees: Vagni (1st), Brancati (2nd), Lentini (3rd)

Video Check Officer: Spiazzi

Set duration: 30′; 27′; 26′; 27′; total: 1h 50′

Attack: Rana Verona 45%;

Gas Sales Bluenergy Piacenza 45%

Walls: Rana Verona 7; Gas Sales Bluenergy Piacenza 9

Ace: Rana Verona 6; Gas Sales Bluenergy Piacenza 8

MVP: Francesco D’Amico

Spectators: 3082