The perfect closure of the Regular Season. Once again in front of a large audience, WithU Verona puts in the seventh consecutive wonder, overcoming Top Volley Cisterna in four sets and ending the first part of the season at 34. A desired and hard-earned success for Stoytchev’s team, which been able to count on an attacking trident in great shape with 22 points from Sapozkhov (again best scorer of the match), 18 from Keita and 17 from Mozic, awarded MVP. But the most important point came after the game, when the team dedicated the victory to Armando, a collaborator of the Club. The next stage is Game 1 of the Play Off Quarter Finals, waiting to meet the opponent.


In the starting grid, coach Stoytchev relies on Spirito to dribble, with Sapozhkov completing the diagonal in the opposite role. The duo formed by Mozic and Keita is confirmed in the band, in the center space for Mosca and Grozdanov, while the libero is Gaggini. After the minute’s silence requested by CONI to honor the victims of the Cutro shipwreck, the match starts with the guests ahead, but Mozic immediately starts fueling with a winning hands-out. The Moscow wall is worth the momentary overtaking (3-2). Lazio remain in the wake and keep the score level. Then, a long series from nine meters by Keita, in collaboration with blocks by Grozdanov and Sapozhkov, allow the Scala to extend by four (13-9). Mozic increases the advantage with a ball placed in the corner pocket and his players keep at a safe distance. Soli’s team finds the reaction and gets back to -1 (18-17), then does all the Slovenian hammering: they defend and score the point of 20-17. Bayram puts in the ace which restores hope to the guests, but the Moscow block packs the first set up 25-22.


Balanced start also in the second fraction, with Cisterna putting his face forward with a hands-out (5-6). Verona gets back on track and overturns the score with a sci-fi shot: Keita recovers a ball from the back of the field with a bicycle kick, drawing a perfect trajectory Mozic, who scores the 9 to 8. The Mali eagle takes the scene also subnet, sending his forward by three points. The fury of the gialloblù number 19, then, is also unleashed from the second row, with a pipe that is worth 17-13. The Pontine troop tries to hold on, but WithU Verona defends +3 and with Keita increases the gap (21-17). The seal on the set comes from Mozic, with a diagonal that punches the hands of the guest rearguard.


Back on the field, Top Volley doesn’t give up and tries to get back into the game with a great reaction. Baranowicz and his teammates create a decent margin of advantage, flying up to 5-10. Keita unleashes his power as a port 4, then Grozdanov signs a valuable first half, shortening the distances. The guests try to escape thanks to an excellent understanding between the departments and detaching their opponents by six lengths. The Gialloblù relies on its forwards for recovery: Keita and Sapozhkov try to undermine the Pontine defense, reducing the distances (16-19). The ace of the former Zingel brings the boys dressed in blue to 17-22. Magalini, who entered the field for Keita, finds a winning pipe for his twentieth point (20-23). After a disputed touch to the block, Verona tries to recover in extremis, but Cisterna closes the accounts and sends the match to the fourth set.


Galvanized by the reaction they had in the previous set, the guests approach the fourth set well, going up 2-4. A mistake by Bayram in attack delivers the draw to the Scala, maintained by a winning pipe by Keita. The bomber with the number 9 on his shoulders also shoots hard in the following action, but the match does not leave the balance rails (8-8). After the Lazio advantage, Verona recovers with a good series in the service of Grozdanov, which leads to the momentary overtaking (12-11). A prolonged action ends with the long line out of Sedlacek, followed by the monster block of Spirito, which signs the 15-12. The home team increases its advantage with the couple Keita-Sapozhkov. Mosca takes aim from nine meters and stamps the ace of 19-14. Bayram is just as accurate at bat, bringing his team back to -3 with three aces in a row. Sapozhkov interrupts the streak and Mozic restores the distances (22-19). Verona keeps the acquired advantage and puts an end to the match. Seventh wonder for the Scala family.