The results achieved by Verona Volley in the 2022/2023 season also came thanks to the contribution offered by the central team, which was also fundamental in solving intricate situations when the hammers in the band struggled to break the opponent’s wall. One of the protagonists in this role was Lorenzo Cortesia, in his second year on the banks of the Adige after arriving there in 2021 following his conquest of the European Championship with the blue jacket. The Treviso-born alternated with his compatriot Mosca and didn’t miss his contribution to the team.

The number 1 from Verona found space in the sextet in 25 of the 32 matches played in all competitions, for a total of 76 sets. Cortesia was on the scoresheet 110 times, with 72 winning attacks that allowed him to end the season with a positive score of 60%, the second highest of the whole team after his teammate Grozdanov. From nine metres, on the other hand, he found the direct point 9 times, but it is on the block that he has expressed his best potential. In fact, the 1999 class has totaled 29 monster blocks and touching the ball has often allowed it to be replayed in his own court.

In terms of points, he collected the best haul against Trento, on the second day, and at Padua, in the second round, where he grounded 10 balls. In the Adige derby he also found the most winning blocks in a single match (5).

Season 2022/2023 statistics

Games played: 25

Sets played: 76

Points scored: 110

Break points: 40

Winning blocks: 29

Winning Attacks: 72 (60% Positivity)

Ace: 9 Most points in a match: 10 (WithU Verona – Itas Trentino 3-2; Pallavolo Padova – WithU Verona 2-3)

Most winning blocks in a match: 5 (WithU Verona – Itas Trentino 3-2)

Most aces in a match: 2 (Gas Sales Bluenergy Piacenza – WithU Verona 2-3)