In the crazy night at the Opiquad Arena, Rana Verona sharpens her claws and snatches a thrilling victory against Mint Vero Volley Monza, reaching sixth place in the standings with 25 points against her opponents of the day. Down in the score after the first two sets, Coach Stoytchev’s team shows off a reaction to remember and completely turns the situation around, obtaining the seventh success in the last eight Super League outings. The MVP award went to captain Mozic, a leader with 25 points, including 4 aces, but an honorable mention goes to Grozdanov, capable of scoring 13 times, with 6 winning blocks. Now a weekend break, before starting again on Saturday 3 February with the derby against Padova.

In the starting sextet, Coach Stoytchev relies on the hands of Spirito in the control room, with Amin completing the diagonal. In the gang there are captains Mozic and Dzavoronok, with Mosca and Grozdanov in the centre. The libero is D’Amico.

The match begins with Takahashi’s ace, with Dzavoronok scoring the guests’ first point (2-1). Amin closes a prolonged exchange, then the Czech hammer finds parity (3-3). After the overtaking, Verona tries the extension with another shot from the number 4. Mozic lets go of his arm in the band, then blocks Szwarc against the block for 5-9. The hosts close the gap, but Dzavoronok re-establishes it, then Galassi hits the wall to make it 11-12. As soon as he enters, Zingel asserts himself on the block and gives the Scala team a two-point advantage. Di Martino puts the match back on balance, Takahashi overturns with a hands-out (17-16). We play point by point, with Dzavoronok responding to Galassi’s block, which is repeated shortly after for 23-21. The Brianza team gained the set point, with Di Martino closing the set at 25-23.

Upon returning to the pitch, Verona moves to 1-2, Takahashi scores the overtaking, then Keita, who replaced Amin, finds the point to make it 3-3. The locals’ attempt to reach forward was stopped by Mozic’s hand-out, who also did well to accept Spirito’s invitation from the second line, before Dzavoronok pierced the wall with his hands (8-8). Vero Volley finds a good break phase and with Szwarc’s block they fly to 12-8. Keita recovers, playing well with the opponent’s hands three times (13-12). Verona regains confidence and at the end of a prolonged action Mozic puts the ball on the ground to make it 14-14. The home team puts their heads back and tries to extend the lead, but Grozdanov is precise with the first half and also thanks to Takahashi’s error, the Scala team closes (20-20). Assisted by the tape, Dzavoronok scores 22-22 from nine meters. Keita finds the overtaking, but Monza overturns again and finds the set point, before doubling the advantage (26-24).

The third set opens with Mozic’s winning pipe, followed by Dzavoronok’s attack and Keita’s mani-out, which brings the score to 2-4. Verona maintains the two-point lead, then Maar hits from place five for the 6-7. At the Opiquad Arena it’s a back-and-forth phase, then Keita stops Szwarc at the net for 8-10. Maar responds present and equalizes the score (11-11). Monza goes back on top, Mozic catches up again, then Maar scores the ace to make it 15-13. The Scaliger captain is also incisive in his serve, then Keita makes himself heard from place two, as does Spirito on the block (17-17). Balance is still king, but Zingel raises his voice against the wall (20-21). Maar reverses the trend again, Mozic counter-overtakes, scoring twice from nine meters (22-24). Keita puts the seal on the fraction.

Cachopa’s second-intention touch starts the third set, Dzavoronok halves the deficit with a precise pipe (2-1). The Brianza team tries to make an attack, but Spirito does well to close the gap in front of the net to make it 4-3. Grozdanov is not far behind and finds the momentary equalizer (5-5). The Bulgarian central defender replies, Dzavoronok follows him closely and Verona goes up 6-8. Dzavoronok pushes from the second line, Di Martino responds with a block and Cachopa finds the ace to overtake (12-11). The Scala team held up an impossible situation and scored with Dzavoronok to make it 13-14. Monza regains continuity and goes back up by one point, Grozdanov equalizes with a great first half and Keita puts his team back in front (17-18). D’Amico covers well and Mozic shoots hard diagonally and also completes two actions later (18-21). The rossoblù close the gap, Zingel’s block gives the first set point to the guests (21-24), then Mozic sends the match to a tie-break (22-25).

Rana Verona started strongly in the final part, with Grozdanov and Mozic hitting the ground with the first two balls (0-2). Monza restores balance, then Szwarc with the help of the tape scores the 4-3. Mozic then first hits a great ball, then goes powerfully from nine meters (5-6). At the change of sides the score is 8-6. Loeppky scores the double advantage from the second line (10-8). D’Amico works overtime and Mozic restores parity to Verona (10-10). Grozdanov pierces the taraflex again, then Spirito and his teammates go on 11-12. Zingel blocks and pushes his team to victory, then an out attack from the Brianza team delivers the two points to Verona.


Mint Vero Volley Monza – Rana Verona 2–3 (25-23; 26-24; 23-25; 22-25; 11-15)

Mint Vero Volley Monza: Cachopa 2, Szwarc 20, Takahashi 13, Maar 19, Di Martino 8, Galassi 9, Gaggini (L), Visic, Loeppky 7, Mujanovic, Beretta, Comparoni, Morazzini (L). All. Eccheli

Rana Verona: Spirito 4, Amin 2, Dzavoronok 16, Mozic 25, Mosca 1, Grozdanov 13, D’Amico (L), Jovovic, Keita 19, Sani, Zingel 6, Cortesia, Zanotti, Bonisoli (L). All. Stoytchev

Referees: Cesare (1st), Amendola (2nd), Kronaj (3rd)

Video Check Officer: Fumagalli

Set duration: 30′; 30′; 32′; 30′; 16′; total: 2h 18′

Attack: Mint Vero Volley Monza 46%; Rana Verona 47%

Walls: Mint Vero Volley Monza 7; Rana Verona 16

Ace: Mint Vero Volley Monza 8; Rana Verona 6

MVP: Rok Mozic

Spectators: 1614