Rana Verona puts on a show and the lights of the PalaBarton are tinged only with gold and blue, with Sir Susa Vim Perugia forced to surrender at the end of a battle that lasted five sets. Coach Stoytchev’s team takes the lead twice, is caught again, but in the tie-break, they make a charge and win two very precious points in the Play Off race. In the history of La Scala volleyball, the victory against the Umbrians had been missing since 2016. Collective test capital which saw 58% recorded in attack and 65% in the counterattack phase, with D’Amico sumptuous in reception and defense. Also worth mentioning is Mozic’s performance, capable of finishing with 20 points in total, of which 2 from nine meters and 3 from the block, while in the center Grozdanov took center stage with 12 balls put on the ground and 80% positivity in attack. Now the appointment is for Wednesday 14 February, with the Pala AGSM AIM which will receive Piacenza.

In the initial lineup, Coach Stoytchev relies on the hands of Spirito as dribbler, with Amin completing the ball, while in the squad there are captains Mozic and Dzavoronok. In the center there is space for the Zingel-Grozdanov pair, with D’Amico in the role of libero.

The match kicks off with Russo’s winning first half, but Leon’s service error gives the team immediate parity. It’s a back-and-forth between central defenders in the initial stages, with Zingel putting the signature (2-2). The Scaligeri put their face forward with Dzavoronok’s diagonal, which is followed by Mozic’s “tape” ace (3-5). Amin finds the right opening, then Grozdanov hits for 7-8. The Bulgarian number 11 also raises his voice at the block, with Amin scoring the 8-11. Spirito surprises the hosts with a second touch, then Ben Tara’s hand-out closes the gap (13-14). Leon scores equal, the match returns to balance, but Grozdanov goes direct from nine meters for 16-18. The lead becomes three points when Amin plays well with his opponents’ hands (17-20). Zingel keeps his team up by three, then two soft touches from Dzavoronok give the first set (20-25).

Upon returning to the court, Mozic shoots hard, then stops Leon on the block for 2 to 3. Having found the equalizer, Ben Tara overtakes with a serve in the conflict zone. D’Amico holds a great ball in reception which leads Zingel to score. Amin breaks the opposing defense twice in a row and puts the match back on balance (6-6). Perugia gets back on top in the score, but the guests don’t give up and with Dzavoronok’s ace they regain the level (9-9). In this phase the game is point to point, with Zingel using cunning (11-11). At the Umbrian break, Mozic responds with a narrow diagonal that reduces the gap (13-12). Leon sends his team ahead by two, then Amin scores a dirty ball to make it 16-15. Perugia blocks, Dzavoronok responds from the second line, then Mozic throws two great attacks to the ground, keeping Verona afloat (20-18). Semeniuk stops Amin, but Dzavoronok crosses well for 22-20. Flavio then scores the set point, with Giannelli putting the seal on the fraction (25-21).

Mozic opens the ball in the third set and from place four is good at playing with Giannelli’s hands (1-2), before Grozdanov’s ace. Newly introduced Keita immediately unleashes his power along the line, with Mozic breaking Colaci on serve (3-6). Verona increases the lead thanks to Dzavoronok’s monster block, followed closely by the one printed by Zingel (3-12). Mozic’s effective serving streak was interrupted by Flavio’s first half, to which Grozdanov promptly responded for 5-14. Herrera enters the series from nine meters and relaunches him (9-15). Mozic first stops Herrera on the block, then turns a diagonal into gold for 11-18. The Bianconeri make a few too many mistakes, Verona takes advantage and takes the lead with Zingel’s first half (13-22). Keita holes the taraflex, then Grozdanov closes the set at 14-25.

The Umbrians unlock the fourth quarter, with Dzavoronok responding in kind with the narrow diagonal. D’Amico withstands the impact in reception and Grozdanov perfectly collects Spirito’s invitation (3-3). Perugia tries to break the balance and finds a break, but Ben Tara invades and Verona remains in its wake (8-7). The two teams respond blow for blow and the Scaligeri draw once again with Zingel’s great block against Semeniuk (12-12). Lorenzetti’s team tries to go further with Ben Tara’s attack along the line (15-12). Semeniuk raises the engine speed and creates the groove, sending his team to 18-14. Flavio then blocks effectively for 20-14. Verona tries to reduce the gap with Dzavoronok and Grozdanov, but Ben Tara paves the way for the hosts, who rise to 23-16. Leon sends the match to a tie-break with an ace.

At the start of the set, Grozdanov pushes hard from place three, then Keita unleashes his power: first he bends the hands of the Perugian receivers, then he finds the right opening in attack or. D’Amico works overtime in reception and defense and Verona takes the lead at 3-5. Verona maintains the double advantage with a Grozdanov in great spirit (7-9). The local team hooks up, but Keita flies and scores the 9-11. Spirito builds a dam and stops Leon for 10-13. The Scaliger director is not happy and also blocks Ben Tara. Leon cancels the first match point, but Keita takes the lead again and puts the seal on the challenge (13-15).


Sir Susa Vim Perugia-Rana Verona 2–3 (20-25; 25-21; 14-25; 25-17; 13-15)

Sir Susa Vim Perugia: Giannelli 7, Ben Tara 13, Semeniuk 17, Leon 19, Russo 7, Solè, Colaci (L), Ropret 1, Herrera 1, Plotnytskyi, Held, Candellaro, Flavio 7, Toscani (L). All. Lorenzetti

Rana Verona: Spirito 3, Amin 11, Mozic 20, Dzavoronok 16, Grozdanov 12, Zingel 8, D’Amico (L), Jovovic, Keita 7, Sani, Mosca, Cortesia, Bonisoli (L). All. Stoytchev

Referees: Florian (1st), Canessa (2nd), Angelucci (3rd) Video Check officer: Rosignoli

Set duration: 26′; 29′; 26′; 30′; 19′; total: 2h 10′

Attack: Sir Susa Vim Perugia 49%; Rana Verona 58%

Walls: Sir Susa Vim Perugia 11; Rana Verona 8

Ace: Sir Susa Vim Perugia 6; Rana Verona 6

MVP: Rok Mozic

Spectators: 3326