Rana Verona shines on the evening of the Eurosuole Forum, clearly overcoming Cucine Lube Civitanova and snatching the second victory in the group stage of the 5th Place Play Offs. Concentrated from the early stages of the match, the Scala players found rhythm in the game and maintained clarity at all times, then putting the match down in the third set. Coach Stoytchev’s team rose to 7 points, remaining in second place in the standings. What made the difference in the Marche region was the blocking, fundamental which yielded 13 points, of which 4 from Keita, the same number from Grozdanov and 3 from Cortesia. The award for best scorer and MVP, however, went to Amin, capable of putting 17 balls on the ground with 70% positivity in attack. Now the group will immediately get back to work in view of the fourth match of this phase, scheduled for Saturday at home against Modena.

In the starting lineup, Coach Stoytchev confirms Spirito in the control room, with Amin completing the diagonal. In the gang there is Keita teaming up with Dzavoronok, while in the center of the net we find Cortesia and Grozdanov. Finally, D’Amico plays the role of libero.

The match started in favor of the Scala players with Dzavoronok hitting both with a pipe and from nine meters with the first ace of the evening (0-2). The home team reacts with a first shot from De Cecco, but Verona comes back on top with the block printed by Grozdanov. Keita crosses for the new +2, maintained by Dzavoronok and increased by Amin along the line (5-7). Lube recovers ground, Nikolov equalizes the score and Lagumdzija overtakes the serve (11-10). Botto passes on the two-man block attempt and sends his team ahead by two points (14-12). Cortesia stings in the first half, but Bottolo shoots hard from nine meters to make it 17-14. Verona stays hooked, Keita takes advantage of a loose ball, then Amin’s block sends the visitors back over the top (19-20). Verona extends the lead with Keita’s diagonal shot into the three metres, with Amin scoring the set point from the serve (20-24). Civitanova cancels two, but Cortesia closes the set.

Spirito rewards Amin in place two in the first action of the second set, with Nikolov responding immediately. Amin tries to break the balance, with Cortesia and Grozdanov raising their voices at the wall. The central defender from Treviso also asserts himself from nine meters, with an ace that makes it 3-7. Lube reduces the gap, but Dzavoronok first puts the opponent’s reception in difficulty, then takes the point of 6-10. In the first half, Grozdanov responds with a block (8-11). Stoytchev’s boys keep a good pace: Keita concludes a long exchange, then Dzavoronok scores the mani-out to make it 9-14. La Lube The hosts are back behind, Amin scores a complicated ball, but Yant finds the sideline from nine meters (15-17). The Scaligeri try again to take off with Cortesia doing well at playing with his hands on the block (16-20). Lagumdzija shortens, Keita crosses, Grozdanov punishes in the center, before the set point found by Amin (21-24). Yant pushes to serve, but the visiting number 9 puts in a hand-out which puts the seal on the fraction (23-25).

Yant’s attack starts the third set, with Keita’s block arriving immediately. Cortesia and the same Malian hammer make themselves heard on the block, sending Verona to 2-4. Perfect timing once again by the guest number 2, before Amin’s attack to make it 3-7. Dzavoronok finds the right gap in the fall, then Keita pierces Anzani’s hands and increases the advantage. Lube is in difficulty and Verona takes advantage of it with Amin, protagonist of a winning block and a touch that catches the Marche defense unprepared (7-14). Spirito exploits the central lane, with Cortesia again precise with the first half, which precedes Amin’s ace at 8-16. With a good series serving Lagumdzija, the Cucineri attempted to reopen the games and with the Turkish attack they shortened it to 13-18. Grozdanov hits a three-pointer, then blocks Lagumdzija, finding the point for 15-23. Amin’s hands-out for the first match point, with the Turk’s own error giving the victory to Verona.


Cucine Lube Civitanova-Rana Verona 0–3 (22-25; 23-25; 17-25)

Cucine Lube Civitanova: De Cecco 2, Lagumdzija 14, Nikolov 8, Yant 6, Anzani 3, Chinenyeze 2, Balaso (L), Thelle, Zaytsev 3, Bottolo 4, Motzo, Diamantini 2, Larizza, Bisotto (L). All. Giannini

Rana Verona: Spirito 1, Amin 17, Keita 16, Dzavoronok 8, Cortesia 8, Grozdanov 8, D’Amico (L), Jovovic, Sani, Mozic, Mosca, Zingel, Zanotti, Bonisoli (L). All. Stoytchev

Referees: Carcione (1st), Brancati (2nd), Marotta (3rd)

Video Check Officer: Annese

Set duration: 28′; 30′; 26′; total: 1h24′

Attack: Cucine Lube Civitanova 45%; Rana Verona 59%

Walls: Cucine Lube Civitanova 6; Rana Verona 13

Ace: Cucine Lube Civitanova 5; Rana Verona 4

MVP: Amin Esmaeilnezhad

Spectators: 1317