WithU Verona interrupts its positive streak, falling 3 to 1 at the home of Valsa Group Modena, which makes the momentary overtaking. After an excellent approach to the match, Stoytchev’s team, followed by over 200 very noisy fans who flocked to the Emilian land, fell into the distance, showing a bit of inexperience in some circumstances, as stated by the coach himself at the end of the match. A defeat which, however, not only highlights the gaps to be filled, but also the good performances in attack (54% positive) and above all in blocking (13 winners). Moscow’s performance should be underlined, author of 11 points overall, 5 of which were blocked. Also in double figures Sapozhkov (15), Mozic (14) and Keita (12). The next match for the Gialloblù is scheduled for Sunday 4 December at 20.30: Emma Villas Aubay Siena arrives at the Pala AGSM AIM.


 In the starting sextet, coach Stoytchev confirms Spirito in the control room, with Sapozhkov completing the diagonal. The couple formed by Mozic and Keita reappears in the band, while the two central players are Mosca and Grozdanov. Gaggini in the role of free. The guests start strong, with an excellent reception that leads to Sapozhkov’s first point. The Russian repeats himself with a monster block, which is worth the extension on 3 to 0. The Gialloblù are also precise from nine meters with Grozdanov, who places the ace. The advantage becomes more substantial thanks to the block in Moscow, followed by a winning attack by Mozic (2-9). The hosts enter the match driven by Ngapteh and by a positive series in the service of Sanguinetti. The score is tied (10-10). Verona puts its face back thanks to an ace calibrated to the millimeter from Moscow, but the match takes the track of balance. The Verona team suffers the return of their opponents, who put in place a great recovery (20-16). Modena perfects the agreement, even from nine meters with Lagumdzija, who signs the set point. The set closes with Ngapeth’s pipe on 25-19.


Sapozhkov replies the start of the first fraction, starting the second set. Keita unleashed from place 4, sending the Gialloblù away 4 to 1. Verona pushed again from the front row, also proving to be decisive when blocking with a regenerated Mozic and building a lead of six lengths thanks to a serving error by Lagumdzija (5-11). The agreement between the departments returns to function, as well as the wall, which has its best interpreter with Moscow. The centre-back from the Marche places between monster blocks in a row, which are worth an incredible +9. Sapozhkov defends two impossible balls, allowing the attack to put down the 22 to 12. The reaction of the locals does not arrive and the Scala players close the partial with Mozic (25-14), grabbing the draw.


Back on the field, the start is in favor of the canaries, who unlock the score with an ace from Rinaldi. Spirito and his teammates try to keep up with their opponents, who however manage to build a decent advantage (7-3). Verona suffers a bit from Ngapeth’s serve, but with the Mozic-Keita tandem he reduces the gap (9-7). Stankovic raises his voice at the block, stamping the 12-8 for him. Then Sala puts an end to an insistent action. Stoytchev’s troop remains in the slipstream, but Ngapeth is still decisive in serve, putting down the 16-11. The Emilians maintain a reassuring lead (22-17), but Verona doesn’t give up and tries to get back into the game with Mozic. The French hammer with number 9 finds the nine-metre field again, with Rinaldi closing the third set.


Stankovic opens the game in the fourth set with two points in a row. Modena extends to 4 to 1, but the recovery of the guests is not long in coming with a disputed point (4-4). First Sapozhkov scores a great ace, then a first half from Moscow is worth overtaking (5-6). Ngapeth proves to be a thorn in the side of the serve, allowing the Emilians to fly to 10-6. Tempers flare and the match is vibrant. Subnet Keita unravels an intricate situation, then puts down a parallel of the very high difficulty quotient (14-10). Sapozhkov shortens further. The Scala players recover and bring their opponents closer (18-16). Modena takes off, Verona looks for a reaction, but the locals close the accounts thanks to the error in the service of Sapozhkov.