Even Siena turned out to be a happy island for WithU Verona. The two weeks that separated the home match against Modena and the commitment of PalaEstra risked hindering the positive streak of the Scala players, who instead managed not to suffer distractions and to maintain high attention and concentration. In Siena, Stoytchev’s team showed up with the right mentality, determined to finish the practice in fifth place. The objective was achieved thanks to a clear 3 to 0. A victory with this type of result had not occurred since the first leg against Padova. This commitment closed the external path in the Regular Season of Raphael and his companions, capable of imposing themselves on their opponents in all three of their last away games.

On the field of Pelillo’s team, the team from Verona showed off a valuable collective performance in the offensive phase. The six players who scored all met or exceeded the threshold of 50% positivity in attack, for an overall average of 64%. A figure concerning the performance of Mozic immediately catches the eye, who under the net did not make any mistakes on the 23 balls he received from Spirito. The Slovenian hammer then scored 16 points, four less than Sapozhkov, best scorer of the match with 20, and six more than his teammate Keita, also in double figures with 10, two of which were directed from nine meters. The two center-backs, on the other hand, offered their contribution to block. Cortesia blocked his opponents four times, while Grozdanov printed two monster blocks.

Good signals, then, came from the defensive package in Verona. In the receiving phase the free Marco Gaggini stood out particularly with 74% of positivity and in 53% of the cases he placed the ball on the setter’s head. In this fundamental Mozic also deserves a mention, having seasoned its test with 67% and 56% respectively. In the direct ball exchange, however, the Verona troop found the point 70% of the time after a positive reception, 69% after a negative one.