The charge of the 4688 spectators present at the Pala AGSM AIM – second game with the most spectators of this SuperLega season – gave a great contribution to WithU Verona, which tried to stem the overwhelming power of Sir Safety Susa Perugia, which however prevailed with the score of 3 to 0. The guests determined the outcome of the challenge especially at the service. The Gialloblù managed to take the lead on a couple of occasions, but then failed to keep it. Leon, author of 17 points and 6 aces, received the MVP award of the match, while among the Scala ranks it was Noumory Keita who put down the most points (10). Moscow, on the other hand, finished with 67% positivity in attack. Stoytchev’s team will be back on the field next Saturday at Gioiella Prisma Taranto’s home for the fourth day of return.


In the starting sextet, coach Stoytchev relies on the hands of captain Raphael to dribble, with Sapozhkov completing the diagonal. The two spikers are Keita and Mozic, in the center space for Cortesia and Mosca, while Gaggini is in the libero role. The match gets underway immediately, with a long exchange, concluded by Plotnytskyi. Giannelli’s ace gives him 0-5, then Keita lights up, who first places is the author of a feat from place 4, then prints a big block (2-5). Verona makes up for it, but the Umbrians maintain a consistent advantage. A winning first half by Russo is worth 6-14. Then Keita explodes all his power again, signing two points that give new life to the Gialloblù. A hand out from Mosca responds to Giannelli’s point on a second touch (12-17). Leon’s soft dove and Sapozhkov’s following long line are a pleasure for the eyes. Perugia commits a rotation foul, giving the hosts the 16-21. Leon’s ace and Plotnytskyi’s block put an end to the first set at 17-25.


Solè opens the second half, but Keita plays well with the opponent’s block and halves the disadvantage (1-2). The Malian hammer is also incisive from nine meters, sending Verona ahead in the score for the first time in the match (3-4). Mozic enters the match, but Sapozhkov takes the stage. The Russian opposite undermines the opponent’s rearguard with an ace to frame, then raises his voice also in attack and WithU flies to 9-5. Moscow is no different and gets the better of the Russian subnet (11-6). Russo’s ace coincides with a break in favor of Sir. Sapozhkov hits again hard, but Solè doesn’t miss the central suggestion (13-11). Result equalized by Leon, before Plotnytskyi finds the overtaking ace. The inertia of the set changes and with a direct point from Leon from nine meters, the guests extend to 16-20. The Cuban-Polish side goes in series to serve, directing the partial (16-23). Solè closes.


Upon returning to the field, Sapozhkov unlocks the third set. There are some mistakes on both sides, but it is Perugia that tries to escape, making it 4-7. Herrera finds the winning long line, to which the usual Keita replies, which is repeated on Rapha’s good lift (8-9). The ex on duty Solè prints a wall that allows his team to return to +3. Cortesia tries to reduce the gap, but Herrera pushes from nine meters, sealing the point of 10-15. Then the Juventus team takes off and with the entry of Cardenas, author of two consecutive aces, gives himself eight match points. Closes the accounts Plotnytskyi, who seals the dispute (16-25).

Coach Stoytchev’s statements at the end of the match: “We knew it would be a difficult match. Perugia, right now, is the strongest team in the world and once again this evening they showed all their worth. We had a small chance in the second set, but then Leon clearly made the difference. Now let’s think about the Taranto match”.