Rana Verona smiles again in the penultimate match of the Regular Season, winning 3-0 on the Cisterna Volley pitch. A solid result that allows the Scala team to rise to 36 points in the standings, one less than Civitanova, which will arrive at the Pala AGSM AIM in a week for the final round of this first part of the season. Coach Stoytchev’s team found the key to victory especially in attack, where they recorded 56% positivity, with Keita the absolute protagonist thanks to a solid performance featuring 21 points, with 4 aces and 2 winning blocks, which earned him the MVP nomination. Mozic (12) and Dzavoronok (11) also scored in double figures.

The starting sextet chosen by Coach Stoytchev is made up of Spirito as setter and Keita as opposite, with captain Mozic and Dzavoronok as spikers in position four. In the center there is space for the pair formed by Zingel and Grozdanov, with D’Amico as libero.

The match starts with a mani-out signed by Ramon, who immediately scores an ace (2-0). Keita opens the ball for him, first with a diagonal and then with the block which makes it 3-3. Mozic finds the right gap in the band and then induces Baranowicz to make an invasion foul. The guests try to extend their lead with Dzavoronok’s winning attack (8-11). Keita chooses the line to maintain the three-point lead, before hitting a block and two aces in a row in the space of a few moments (12-17). The same number 9 prevents the opponents from getting closer with two shots from him which bring the score to 15-19. Ramon relaunches him with two direct points from nine meters which are worth minus one (18-19). Verona restores the distance, but Nedeljkovic’s block keeps the game open (20-21). The Scaligeri extend the lead, the locals commit an infringement, then it is Grozdanov who closes the score in the first set.

Dzavoronok opens when he returns to the pitch, the Pontini respond blow for blow, but Mozic plays hard to make it 3-4. Cisterna hooks up, then Verona gets back on top also thanks to a good reception from D’Amico which leads to 7-8. The initial balance is broken by Dzavoronok’s ace, also assisted by the tape. After a good series serving the Czech, Keita unravels an intricate situation, then Zingel implements Spirito’s suggestion in the best possible way, before the Malian opposite unleashes all his power on serve, imposing himself with two aces that increase his team’s advantage ( 11-18). Falasca’s team does not give up and gets back on track thanks to Baranowicz’s good serving series and Ramon’s attack (14-18). Verona regains rhythm and clarity: Mozic uses cunning and Dzavoronok uses power from nine meters for the 17-23. Bayram keeps his players alive, but Keita seals the deal, closing the half with a hands-out at 19-25.

Cisterna started well in the third set and with Bayram’s soft ball they took the lead to 3-1. Keita shortens and Dzavoronok takes advantage of an imperfect reception from his opponents, grabbing the equalizer (3-3). The inertia changes in favor of the guests, who connect two walls in a row. Dzavoronok pushes on serve, Mozic is effective twice in place four and Verona tries to take off (5-9). On the opposite line Keita is no exception and increases the gap with two shots typical of his repertoire (6-11). The blue and whites return to the game and with Mazzone’s first half they take the lead 10-12. Dzavoronok re-establishes the distance with Dzavoronok, but Faurè keeps the Lazio team afloat (14-16). A check for the ball in or out proves the Coach right, with Keita playing the charge from place two, but the hosts come to their senses and connect (18-18). Mozic scores the ace, as does Ramon on the other side of the court and the match is back in balance (20-20). The game is played point to point, Keita finds the match point, which is immediately canceled out by his opponents. The number 9 scores twice more with the advantages. Cisterna doesn’t give up, but Verona closes it at 26-28.


Cisterna Volley – Rana Verona 3-0 (22-25; 19-25; 26-28)

Cisterna Volley: Baranowicz, Faurè 16, Bayram 9, Ramon 16, Mazzone 6, Nedeljkovic 3, Piccinelli (L), Giani, Peric 1, Finauri, Czerwinski, Rossi, Tosti, De Santis (L). All. Falasca

Rana Verona: Spirito, Amin, Mozic 11, Dzavoronok 12, Zingel 1, Grozdanov 4, D’Amico, Jovovic, Keita 21, Sani, Cortesia, Mosca, Zanotti, Bonisoli (L). All. Stoytchev

Referees: Zanussi (1st), Zavater (2nd), Salvati (3rd)

Video Check officer: Bolognesi

Set duration: 29′; 26′; 34′; total: 1h29′

Attack: Cisterna Volley 55%; Rana Verona 56%

Walls: Cisterna Volley 6; Rana Verona 4

Ace: Cisterna Volley 6; Rana Verona 8

MVP: Noumory Keita

Spectators: 1456