Beta Release of Tiger Store and Tiger Spaces Clients with Support for Apple Silicon Now Available 

We would like to announce that the public beta versions for Tiger Store and Tiger Spaces with preliminary support for Mac computers with Apple silicon (M1/M2 chips) are now available for download.  

Overall, the two software clients are functional without any major issues and can be deployed in your setup if you would like to give them a try.  

Note that there are some limitations compared to the regular Intel-based release builds as well as known issues still present that are being worked on with priority by our software development team.

The beta software clients for Tiger Store and Tiger Spaces can be deployed directly on the M1/M2 client machines with no server-side changes required as long as the Tiger Store server within the setup is version, and the server-side Tiger Spaces version is at least Updating the server to the Tiger Spaces server-side beta build (v. is not required for the time being. 

Important: Due to the updated Apple’s security policy requirements, for any M1/M2 based workstations it is strictly required to first enable user management of kernel extensions from identified developers (such as our software clients, or any other developer utilizing kernel extensions) in the Recovery environment. 

There are multiple resources online on how to achieve the above. Here is a video tutorial on how to do so by a third-party content creator, which you may find useful.  

As long as this macOS security requirement is enabled beforehand, out installation process is carried out as usual, with the exception of workstations on which the early SMB-based Tiger Spaces beta client may be present. In this scenario, the latter must be cleanly uninstalled first, followed by a reboot.