A jubilation enveloped WithU Verona at the moment of the last ball that fell to the ground, which earned the Padua team full victory in the home derby. The Gialloblù team continued the success of seven days earlier against Monza, highlighting continuous growth in the management of certain situations and in the increasingly consolidated understanding between the departments. An attack capable of achieving very high percentages and a markedly improving reception were two determining factors for the conquest of the fifth en-plein of the season, which gives further energy in view of the next home match of Valsa Group Modena, scheduled for Sunday 27 November at 18.00.

Monday’s postponement took a day of work away from the group led by Raphael, who, after recovering from the strains of the race, met this morning to face the first day of preparation for the PalaPanini challenge. Immediately a double session for the Gialloblù boys, who carried out an unloading work in the gym alternating with exercises focused on technique. In the afternoon, however, the focus is on the fundamentals and game plans. Tomorrow the Verona team will train both in the morning and in the afternoon under coach Stoytchev’s orders and then continue with work in the following days.

“If we maintain such high percentages both in attack and in reception, it becomes difficult for anyone to face us” declared the Gialloblù coach at the end of Monday’s game. “Winning is never taken for granted and we must keep this in mind to continue working as we are doing” added the coach, who calls the fans together for the appointment at the Volleyball Temple.