A nice birthday present for coach Stoytchev with the guys from WithU Verona who conclude their pre-season commitments with another test of character.

At the PalaGeorge di Montichiari, in fact, the Scaligera team overcomes Volleyball Padova with a clear 3-0 and raises the Astori Trophy cup. The Scaligero attack did well (63%), above all thanks to Sapozhkov’s overwhelming power (22 points and 47 overall in the two games). Now head to the first official match, scheduled for next Sunday in the field of Gas Sales Bluenergy Piacenza. For the last act of the tournament, coach Stoytchev confirms the same starting sextet that beat Milan yesterday. So Spirito in the control room with Sapozhkov in the role of opposite, Mozic and Keita the two hunters.

At the center the couple Cortesia-Grozdanov, while the free is Gaggini. Verona starts strong with an attack from Keita, which unlocks the match. The challenge lights up right from the start, with the teams wanting to concede little. Padova extends to +2, but the Gialloblù do not suffer the blow and overturn the situation with a three-man block and an ace from Spirito. A direct point from nine meters also from Grozdanov is worth the break (14-11).

Then the star of Mozic lights up, who with a master stroke knocks down the point of 21-16, replying shortly after. The first set ends 25-17 with a mistake by Takahashi. Upon returning to the Montichiari parquet, the Scaligeri started more contracts, also stumbling upon a couple of incorrect services. Thanks to Crosato, Cuttini’s team extends to 8-5 and holds the lead, but two precise first times by Cortesia and a monster block by Spirito give Verona a draw (10-10). Keita cancels Asparuhov under the net and brings him forward. Then a wall of Courtesy and an ace from Sapozhkov are worth the extension for the boys from Stoytchev (18-14). Padua does not disunite and goes back under, but Verona maintains a decent advantage.

Sapozhkov places the ball that puts an end to the partial (25-21). In the third fraction, the bianconeri start with the right attitude, putting two aces on the ground. Sapozhkov is still in the chair, good at managing even dirty balls. The Gialloblù defend the minimum advantage gained and then increase it with a play by Keita and the winning understanding between Spirito and Grozdanov (14-11). With the wall of Cortesia, Verona goes on 18-14 and tries the definitive escape. A first intention shot by Spirito is worth 22-16. There is also joy for Magalini, but it is Sapozhkov who closes the score at 25-19.

The cup goes into the hands of Verona!