Two days before the second match of the Play Offs 5th place for WithU Verona, coach Radostin Stoytchev spoke at the press conference, presenting the match at PalaBarton against Sir Safety Susa Perugia, the great team excluded from the title race after having dominated throughout the SuperLega Regular Season. Appointment fixed for Saturday 22 April at 19.30.

The coach from Verona made his debut like this: “It is an honor to meet Perugia this weekend. A month ago, this team won the regular season without a single defeat. The result they have achieved during the season is not canceled, they have excellent players and are really very strong in everything. We have to work hard to get close to their level of play and results and we will try to do it as best we can. For us, all matches are difficult, but obviously Saturday’s challenge is on another level. We’ve been working hard to change a few things in our game. which we hope to be able to apply during the game. We have to work on serving and receiving and we are doing it every day. We can’t expect miracles, but we have focused on some aspects of our ball change, where we need to have a different approach.”

Then Stoytchev continued: “What happened in Perugia is a very normal thing in sport, that’s what makes it interesting. No one starts with the title already in his pocket and this doesn’t change the values of a team or of the club. Nobody is unbeatable in sport, what happened and why they collapsed so suddenly is not for me to say, I can say that for the technical part they had lost some security. I repeat that however they are really very strong. They have to prove many things to themselves, but they are champions who know how to get out of this situation, first and foremost Giannelli, who doesn’t like to lose, as well as Leon and Semeniuk. I respect the Perugia team and I don’t change the idea I have of them. I know they will have a reaction, but that we also want to be great, we have to do everything to put them in difficulty this time”.

Finally, the WithU Verona coach then concluded: “The technical attitude? We have to play 150%: we have to hit, defend, block and attack, because against a team like Perugia, a fundamental isn’t enough to win. Looking forward to this challenge? Each of the guys has it in their own way, I’ve seen some very disappointed faces after the Lube. Everyone struggled. For the players it was the first Play Off, they have never played every three days against the same team and it is part of our job to teach them how to deal with these situations. It takes time for the players to get used to these matches and above all to understand how to win them.”