Two days before the fifth round of the Quarter Play Offs, coach Radostin Stoytchev and center back Lorenzo Cortesia took part in the usual pre-match press conference. The two presented the challenge that WithU Verona will face on Saturday evening at 18.00 on the Cucine Lube Civitanova field.

These are the words of the coach from Verona: “We already knew it before, but in these matches we realized the strength of Civitanova. We will take the field to fight to the last point and we will do a lot of work to counter them in Saturday’s match as well. The boys are healthy and we will face well the commitment that awaits us. They found a solution in reception that is very good and worked. Analyzing the matches well, however, we too have introduced some new features”.

Coach Stoytchev continued: “Technically, Lube has some very strong hitters who can really make a difference: the sets we lost came from that. We have to work on reception, but we also focused a lot on other aspects such as managing some particular situations that we still lack. Nervousness on the pitch? It’s due to the fact that the players care so much about doing well, we’ve had some players who cried after the game and I respect that, because it’s a sign of how important it is to them; so, I can’t blame anyone.

Finally, the coach from Verona concluded: “For me the most important match is always the next one. I am only interested in the present, with the utmost respect for what Lube did last year. To regain strength from Saturday’s defeat, I went to bed at 5.00, then the next day we started working again without crying or making excuses. The field factors? The Civitanova building is strange because they use megaphones and put the fans behind our team, but it’s their choice and we respect it. The players must be good at not being influenced by this and manage all situations well.”

Subsequently, the central intervened with number 1: “We certainly didn’t have much time to think about what happened. There is so much regret, but we have to move forward and the only way was to go back to the gym and work hard to present ourselves at our best for the next challenge. Good numbers reveal that we have gained awareness within our means. Knowing you had a good performance but suffered a defeat doesn’t help anyway. We have to overcome nervousness and arrive at Saturday’s game with great conviction. We have all the means to do this. The crowd against it gets louder when you’re focused on the match because you have other things to think about. You have to be aware of always playing well, regardless of what’s going on around you.”