In today’s press conference, coach Stoytchev and captain Raphael presented the match against Sir Safety Susa Perugia, scheduled for Saturday 15 October at 20.30 at PalaBarton. Here are the words of the two protagonists.

Coach Stoytchev began like this: “Every training session is important to prepare a match in the best possible way. We still have two more this week to get ready for Saturday’s match. We are working a lot on the tactical part to be able to manage the match against Perugia. last season is that this year we had the opportunity to try the team very early. For the first time the team is organized in a different way and this gives the staff the opportunity to work well with the whole group. The path is important to level of technical and mental growth. I want to focus on this last aspect. With Piacenza and Trento, we did not give up when we lost the set, then we fought to the last point. From a physical and psychological point of view, the team is there always. This is a good basis for the future. We must not deceive ourselves. The strong teams are Perugia, Modena, Milan. We are a promising team but with a lot of work ahead of us. “

On the warm Umbrian public, he replied: “The fans of Perugia are charged and passionate, but polite and kind. They have created a very important environment for Italian volleyball. The problem to be faced, however, is not the public but the team that will go down. in the field”.

A comment on the supporters of Verona, who made their contribution last Saturday: “I personally am grateful to our fans, but the goals are different. I want to get to see 6000 people and convince the city that we are something important. Against Trento the public helped us to win a point: Sbertoli had hit during a service and only the public had noticed, leading me to call the video check and reverse the referee’s decision “.

Finally, the coach talked about how stimulating it is to coach such a young group: “I hope to have the opportunity to work with them for another three years. Many are already changing mentality, goals, work. What it takes. One sponsor said. who seemed even more motivated in training than in the match. We have to maintain this enthusiasm. “

Then Captain Raphael took the floor: “The password after a victory like the one on Saturday is work. Day after day we have to do better and better and continue on the path we have taken. The group knows very well that we can improve a lot, but the most important thing is that there is motivation within each of us. The group is very united, thinks in the same way, has common goals. We have to keep our feet on the ground. We enjoy being together, aware that we have responsibilities “.

On the fans he said this: “Surely our home crowd is one more player. We feel their push while we are on the pitch. This gives us a different energy, much more energy. If we are always stronger at home, the merit is also and above all from the public. I would like there to be even more people and we will certainly work to achieve this goal. We are still at the beginning, this team has a lot of work to do, but I can say that a very nice chemistry has already been created “.