At WithU Verona, the second venture in the Marche region fails and Cucine Lube Civitanova reopens the games in the Quarter Play Off Scudetto series. After a subdued first set, coach Stoytchev’s team reacted, punctually responding to the blows of the opponents, however able to raise the pace in the decisive moments of the match, above all with Nikolov’s energy. The three hammers closed the game in double figures, with Keita best scorer for him thanks to the 15 balls put on the ground. The Scala family are called to turn the page, because Game 4 is being played at the Pala AGSM AIM next weekend.


In the starting line-up, coach Stoytchev entrusts the control room to Spirito, with Sapozhkov completing the diagonal as opposite. In place 4, space for the couple formed by Mozic and Keita, while the two central players are Mosca and Grozdanov. Gaggini confirmed in the free role. The match opens with a precise attack by Yant following a suggestion by De Cecco. It’s a disruptive start for the cooks, who lead 4 to 1 before Spirito’s second touch. The hosts maintain a three-length lead, reduced by two shots from Mozic (8-7). La Lube stretches again and increases its lead with Yant’s ace (12-8). Spirito’s service puts the opposing defense in difficulty and Verona comes back with Grozdanov’s first half (13-11). From nine meters Nikolov also hurts, sending his team forward by four (16-12). The young Bulgarian also scores sub-goals, making the score 20-15. Yant and Garcia also shoot hard at serve, which allow their team to unlock the challenge at 25-17.


Back on the pitch, Sapozhkov shouted at the block, blocking Yant. The hosts overturn it with Nikolov’s pipe. The Russian equalized the score, then Grozdanov also blocked his opponents for a counter pass (3-4). Sapozhkov takes the team by the hand and with a block and a hands-out brings him up +3 (4-7). Blengini’s boys shorten and then put the score back in a draw with Yant’s block (10-10). The recovery of the premises is interrupted by the Mozic longline, then Keita also returns to the right tracks (12-12). The two teams chase each other and the challenge is in perfect balance. Keita places the ball on the base line from nine meters for the new Scaliger advantage (14-15). Nikolov reverses the trend again and scores three aces in a row to make it 19-15. Mozic plays the charge and reopens the games with an ace at the baseline (21-19). Magalini’s attack keeps the guests afloat, but Zaytsev finds the set point (24-21), which directs the partial in his favor.


Sapozhkov replies to Yant at the start of the third set, then a winning diagonal from Mozic shortens the distance again (3-2). Zaytsev’s attack from outside is worth the draw for the Scala (4-4), maintained by Spirito’s intelligent second-hand touch. Keita plays well with the opponent’s block and stamps the pass (6-7). La Lube gets ahead in the score thanks to a good series in De Cecco’s service, then Chinenyeze evades the Gialloblù rearguard (10-9). A great pipe from Keita gives the tie again, then Zaytsev restores an advantage of two lengths to him (13-11). The Malian hammer, however, takes a liking to it and signs on 13-13. Nikolov lob, which then signs the +2 (18-16). The class of 2003 also finds the twentieth point and the momentum of the cooks is slowed down by the hands-out of Sapozhkov (20-18). Verona moves close to its opponents again and the match is open (22-21). WithU first equalizes, then overtakes (22-23) with Keita. First red and white match point canceled by Keita’s ace. We go to the advantages, where Yant’s direct point from nine meters puts the seal on the match.