A few days after the point obtained on the field of the battleship Perugia, WithU Verona is still unable to move the ranking in the midweek round, falling within the friendly walls at the hands of Vero Volley Monza, protagonist of a high-level test. Stoytchev’s team had to deal with an opponent in great shape, but above all with Spirito’s injury at the end of the first set which conditioned the progress of the match. So many forced changes that the Verona coach had to make and the great reaction unleashed in the third set was useless. The hosts’ best scorer was once again Keita, author of 15 points, while in the center Mosca blocked his opponents three times against blocks. Now the gaze is already turned to Sunday, when Raphael and his companions will be on stage at the PalaPanini against Modena for the last round of the group stage.


In the starting sextet coach Stoytchev confirms Spirito in the control room, with Sapozhkov moving in the opposite role. In the band there is space for the usual tandem formed by Mozic and Keita, while in the center we find the couple Cortesia and Grozdanov, while Gaggini is free. Keita puts his signature on the first ball touched and unlocks the match. After the guests’ recovery, Mozic immediately raises his voice against the block, blocking Maar for the 3 – 2. Verona tries to extend with a powerful diagonal from Sapozhkov from place two, which is worth the first break of the match (5-3). Keita stamps a monster block to applause and the Gialloblù fly up to 7-4. The opposing reaction, however, was not long in coming with Grozer finding the equal (7-7). The match takes the path of balance, maintained by the two winning shots of Davyskiba, who also stamps the momentary overtaking (10-11). Monza tries to escape from the center with Beretta and Galassi (12-15). Keita sews up, but Davyskiba’s ace and Galassi’s block give the Brianza players a consistent advantage (14-18). The advantage of the guests increases thanks to Maar, who scores on 17-23. Davyskiba is still decisive from nine meters and seals the first set.


Back on the pitch, the two teams responded blow by blow, with Keita and Mosca trying to play the charge (2-2). Vero Volley, however, finds continuity in its game and driven by Davyskiba takes it to 3-6. Gap immediately reduced by Cortesia, but Eccheli’s team keeps their distance and with Galassi’s ace they acquire a discreet advantage (5-11). The local reaction takes place with Keita’s pipe and Sapozhkov’s long line, which try to revive the Scala players (8-13). Grozer closes a long exchange from the second row for 10-16. There are still six lengths of advantage for the Lombard team, which virtually closes the second fraction with Grozer’s ace. Monza doubles.


Mozic opens the dance in the third set, restoring verve to all his troop. Then Keita lands two important shots and gives the triple advantage to Verona (4-0). Galassi interrupts the series in service of Mozic, while Grozer is still lethal in serve with two aces in a row, before the equal of Maar (5-5). The dispute is played out on a razor’s edge and the Moscow wall allows his team to put their face forward again (9-8). Verona regains confidence, also thanks to Keita’s pipe, who sends his players ahead by three (13-10). Cortesia maintains the distance built with a finely crafted wall, before a high-intensity exchange that culminates with the point in favor of the gialloblù (17-13). The Brianza players try to recover with the series in Maar’s service, which puts the home rearguard in difficulty. Mozic gives WithU a breather, together with the following monster block from Moscow (21-19). Stoytchev’s team earns the set point, but the guests first equalize and then overturn and finally close the accounts on 24-26.