Radostin Stoytchev’s boys return to Verona empty-handed, despite having put their heart and grit into a match that turned out to be tricky. At the end of the match, the Gialloblù fans stopped to greet Captain Rapha and his teammates, heartening them and making Maraia feel all the warmth and support.


Coach Stoytchev finds Spirit in the control room from the first minute, with Sapozhkov in the role of opposite and the usual couple Mozic-Keita in the band, while centrally we find Mosca and Grozdanov. Gaggini confirmed as free. Ready, go and Keita punches his hands in the wall, starting the challenge. The Malian also hits from nine meters after Mozic’s monster block (1-4). Sapozhkov is also unlocked, but Loeppki scores two points in a row, shortening the distances and then finding parity (7-7). Larizza signs the pass, then Grozdanov picks up well on Spirito’s central suggestion, bringing the score to 11-11. Taranto extends thanks to Alletti’s first half and the usual Loeppky (12-15). The former central defender also stamps the ace which is worth 17-14. Loeppky pushes hard on service, finding two consecutive aces that send the Apulians on the run (21-15). Winning pipe by Mozic, with Larizza responding with another ace. Mosca shakes his hands and cancels two set points, but Falaschi closes the set on 25-22.


Back on the pitch, Antonov put an end to a long exchange. Angry reaction from the Gialloblù, with Mosca taking the chair again (2-3). Mozic pulls hard on serve and bends the hands of the opponent’s rearguard, but the center back from the Marches is no less (4-6). The locals take it back, but Verona goes back on with two diagonals from Keita that score (6-8). The two teams chase each other, then Mozic is good at putting down the point of 11-12. Alletti’s block coincides with the overtaking, maintained by Antonov (14-13), but Perrin undermines the Taranto block for the new equal. Mozic takes the stage again and finds 16-17. The Slovenian tries to break the balance with an excellent pipe, for the +2 from Verona (18-20). Counter-overtake by the Salento team, which flies on 23-20 and also wins the second set, closed on 25-22.


Antonov opens the third fraction, then Larizza sends him up 3-0 with a winning block on Mozic. Sapozhkov pushes again, but Alletti strikes again with a lob to make it 7-3. Grozdanov closes the gap, however being stopped by Larizza a few seconds later. La Prisma flies to 11-7. Mozic takes the team by the hand, stamping two quality points. Grozdanov’s monster block allows Verona to get closer to the opponents (12-10). Reinserted as opposite, Keita regains good confidence, but Taranto maintains a discreet advantage, climbing to 17-13. The hammer from Mali increases the rounds on service, placing the ace which is worth 17-15. After the extension of the local team, Spirito is good at the wall for 20-18. Antonov still decisive in attack for 23-19. Falaschi takes care of ending the match with a lucky ace (25-20).