WithU Verona also shines at PalaEstra and puts fifth place on ice thanks to an applause choral performance. In a match that promised to be full of pitfalls against an Emma Villas Aubay Siena chasing precious points in terms of salvation, coach Stoytchev’s boys kept their attention high, closing the match in three sets. Sixth consecutive victory and 34 points in the standings. Sapozhkov, author of 20 points, took the scene on everyone. Overall, the Scala attack closed with 63% positivity in attack. Next stop on Saturday 11 March at Pala AGSM AIM against Top Volley Cisterna for the last round of the Regular Season.


In the starting sextet, coach Stoytchev confirms Spirito in the control room, with Sapozhkov completing the diagonal in the opposite role. In the band, space for the well-tested tandem made up of Keita and Mozic, with the Cortesia-Grozdanov couple and Gaggini as libero in the center. Keita opens the dance with a diagonal from place two that bends Bartman’s hands. For the landlords, Petric takes the chair, bringing the score to 3-2. The initial balance is broken by a wall of Spirit, which sends him to 4-6. The Tuscans come back on thanks to an insidious serve by Mazzone, but Verona responds present with Keita, capable of closing the counter-overtaking point in three meters (8-9). The guests attempt the first draw with Grozdanov’s ace, which is worth +3. Bartman halves the disadvantage, but the Scala players raise the laps and take up 12-17. After returning from the time-out called by Stoytchev, WithU maintains   a four-point lead (16-20). Petric closes the gap, but Sapozhkov punches the taraflex for 20-23. After a sleight of hand from Mozic, Cortesia closes the set with a wall of applause.


At the start of the second set, the blue-and-white troop starts well, but Verona doesn’t get upset and puts its face forward with a winning pipe from Keita (3-4). Grozdanov, then, decides to raise his voice against the block, accompanied by the direct point from the nine meters of Cortesia for the break of the Scala (5-8). Siena shortens the distance with the usual Petric, who immediately puts down the equalizer (10-10). The boys dressed in blue and gold do not feel the pinch and extend to 11-14 thanks to the block of three printed in Bartman. Great understanding between Spirito and Mozic, who brings the guests above three in the score. Grozdanov takes center stage again with a block and an applause in the first half and WithU flies to 15-20. Mozic and Keita channel the set in the most favorable direction and it is the Slovenian himself who puts the seal on the doubling (20-25).


In the initial phase of the third fraction, the hosts try to react, but Verona does not lose its lucidity. Keita’s ace is followed by the big block found by Mozic and the winning attack by Sapozhkov (4-6). Under the net Maribor’s hammer is still decisive, slipping in the ninth point for him. Even from the second row, the number 19 manages to be decisive, scoring 9-13. Then Pereyra takes the chair, who tries to restore hope to him. An air invasion by Spirito coincides with the -1 of the Tuscans, but Verona restores the distances and rises to 16-20. The Scala family take off and create an unbridgeable furrow. Sapozhkov finds the first match point, then an error in the opponents’ serve gives the yellow and blues the three points.

The words of coach Dario Simoni at the end of the match: “We were good at containing an opponent who was playing most of his stay in the SuperLega with a great performance. Unlike other times, we didn’t drop in the third set and managed to close the match quickly. Now we have one last battle in front of our fans and we will have to do well to face the playoffs in the best possible way”.