WithU Verona returns to make the AGSM AIM shovel explode with joy, finding the home victory thanks to a very high level collective test against Vero Volley Monza. Coach Stoytchev’s team shows an excellent understanding between the departments, expressing a fluid and reasoned game, which inhibits an opponent who appeared too passive during the entire match. Thunderous applause for the whole Verona troop, but above all for Keita, awarded as MVP and able to unleash all his power in attack (15 points, two of which on the block and one ace). Overall, the offensive package did well, which closed with 56% positivity. With this success, Mozic and his teammates climb to 11 in the standings and on Monday 21 November they will be awaited by another appointment within the friendly walls: the Venetian derby against Padua Volleyball is scheduled.


In the starting sextet coach Stoytchev confirms Spirito in the control room, with Sapozhkov completing the diagonal. In the band the Mozic-Keita couple, in the center of Moscow, alongside Grozdanov, with Gaggini in the role of Libero. Keita scores the first shot with an attack that leaves no way out to the opposing rearguard. The guests respond with a diagonal in Grozer’s three meters, which equalizes the score (2-2). Verona immediately raises its voice on the wall, first with Mozic and then with Spirito, who signs the draw (8-5). The Brianza troop shortens with a direct point from Davyskiba’s nine meters, taking it to -1. The hosts re-establish the distance with Mozic, who slips three consecutive points, taking advantage of a not flawless Lombard defense (15-10). The Gialloblù maintain a decent advantage, resisting the return attempt by Maar and his teammates. Grozer sends out a diagonal, allowing the locals to go to 22-16. Moscow blocks Galassi on the wall and gives him the first set ball. The partial ends 25-19 with a double to the dribble of Maar.


Upon returning to the field, Monza starts strong, finding greater fluidity in the game and with the usual Grozer takes the lead by two lengths (2-4). Stoytchev’s boys did not take long to react, placing a wall with Moscow, before Sapozhkov stamped the overtaking (7-6). The Scaligeri try to escape and thanks to a floating ace by Spirito they reach 12-8. Eccheli’s men return to get under, reducing the gap (13-12). Sapozhkov takes care of restoring the distance with an ace that is worth the break (16-13). It is still the Russian who folds his hands to his opponents, with Moscow following him closely with a masterpiece monster block. Verona flies to 22-15. Zimmermann sends a serve out of the pitch and Keita closes the score on 25 to 17.


In the third part the WithU is confirmed on excellent rhythms in all the fundamentals. Mozic (winning diagonal) and Keita (ace on the line) climb back to the chair, leaving no chance for Federici and his companions (6-1). The former Maar is good from nine meters to catch the yellow-blue defense in backlash, but Moscow puts his forward by five points (9-4). Keita is irrepressible subnet, Monza tries to get back into the game, but two errors in a row by Maar allow Verona to fly on 14-10. The Malian hammer does not stop even from the second line, with an impregnable pipe. Soon after, Sapozhkov unleashes his power from nine meters, scoring two aces that virtually close the match (21-11). Monza feels the pinch and Verona wins the full booty.

Coach Stoytchev’s statements at the end of the match: “I would like to maintain this level of concentration, especially in managing certain situations. These are three fundamental points that push us to improve more and more and to continue on the path we have taken. I am satisfied with the performance of the guys, because the numbers they have recorded are very good. Keita? Is growing. In twelve beats he has made, the opposing defense has always received badly. The building has given its enormous contribution, pushing us from the first to the last. Let’s continue like this “.