Lights, stage effects and a lot of passion on the part of all volleyball lovers, guests of the official presentation of Rana Verona, which was held on the evening of October 19th. “We Verona” is the slogan chosen for the new sports season by the Verona Club, which wanted to pay homage to its fans after last year’s record attendance, further cementing the bond between the city and the Team. On the stage of the evocative and packed Teatro Ristori in Verona, the Club presented Coach Stoytchev’s 15 boys who will take to the pitches of the SuperLega. With them the full technical and medical staff and the new scratchy playing uniforms, protagonists with captivating graphics that represent all the enthusiasm, passion and strength of the team.

Under the guidance of Maurizio Colantoni, historic RAI face of Italian volleyball and star of the evening, and with the irreverent off-field interventions of Giordano Sampietri, great voice of the Pala AGSM AIM, the event opened with the speech of Dimitar Ratchev and Stefano Fanini, respectively the majority shareholder of the Club and the President of the Club, who spoke about the objectives and ambitions of the years to come.

“The company has made important steps forward in recent years and the large participation in this event is yet another demonstration of this – Ratchev began – Ours is a project of absolute value and in the long term, which is why it requires commitment, time and resources from any point of view. The objective is to first of all achieve sporting results of a certain type, but also to build an increasingly wider network around the Club which allows us to grow continuously, following the direction undertaken. We are entering the new season with the incentive to improve ourselves day after day, taking care of every single detail, because the difference is made in the details.” President Fanini then added: “Starting a new year in the SuperLega surrounded by the perceptible passion of our fans, our partners, the City and the Province, makes us proud and gives us a great charge as well as an equal responsibility, first and foremost towards the our Title Sponsor, the Rana family, who believed in us and supports us on a daily basis. From day one we set ourselves the corporate and sporting objective of creating an environment based on well-defined and virtuous values that act as a guide not only for our first team, but also for all the over 250 kids who animate our Youth Sector, which we are implementing in numbers every year thanks to our commitment and the great attention and quality work of our managers”.

An emotional video then introduced the big news of the evening: the presentation of the shirt that the team will show off on the pitch, the concept of which recalls the symbol of La Scala, the V for Verona and the lion’s scratches. A tribute to the city from which Rana Verona draws its strength and to the great determination that distinguishes the players, told by the sporting director Gian Andrea Marchesi and Fabio Venturi, who takes care of the institutional relationships with the partners.

Finally, the spotlight was on the 15 protagonists of Rana Verona’s season, called onto the stage with emphasis and special effects and acclaimed one by one by the fans present. And together with them Coach Stoytchev and Giovanni Rana Jr, Innovation & Project Manager of Pastificio Rana, in his first year as Title Sponsor of Verona Volley. “First of all, I want to say thanks to all those who have had faith in us and who are contributing to building something important here in Verona – declared Coach Rado from the stage – Another very intense and competitive season awaits us, because the level of the championship has risen further and we will have to sell our lives dearly in all the matches we face. We continue to build our mentality: fighting for every single ball. To win attention, attention must always be kept high, without ever decreasing in intensity and quality of work. We know that we can count on many people who have become friends over time and who are following this path together with us, starting with Giovanni and the entire Rana family, who have shown that they believe in our project”.

“The Rana family is proud and happy to officially start this new sporting adventure together with the Superlega Verona Volley team, of which we have been Title Partner since May this year. This sport, combined with coach Rado’s passionate style, fully reflects the values of team play, passion, spirit of sacrifice, desire to outdo and motivate each other, which we at Rana have always shared with all our colleagues” he commented Giovanni Rana Jr. “We are thrilled every day by being able to be close to these young athletes. We wish to support them on their journey towards new goals, contributing to enhancing and sharing.