Organized by Verona Volley to greet and thank all the partners and sponsors of the Club, the Sponsor Cup “Das Cup” 2022/2023 will animate the Pala Agsm Aim field and the two fields of the adjacent tensile structure tomorrow 2 May 2023 from 7.00 pm typical Italian round that will give access to the final stages. All under the eyes of Coach Radostin Stoytchev and Coach Dario Simoni, and the entire WithU Verona roster. At the end, as in any appropriate tournament, a pizza tour to say goodbye organized by Lollo’s Group.

An initiative that aims to offer a moment of relaxation after the tiring and beautiful season, but also to demonstrate the strong synergy that has been created between the Club and its partners.

“It has been a season well beyond our expectations even if our aspiration is to win every match” says Stefano Fanini, president of Verona Volley “We are very proud to have been protagonists in the most important volleyball championship in the world and in the most competitive season remember how reaffirmed on several occasions by all the insiders. We are convinced that with a little more experience and a pinch of luck in topical moments we could also have achieved other unexpected goals but we will certainly need it for the future and for our gradual growth and we must transform regret into energy to try again with more determination. In addition to the team and the technical staff, whom I thank for their commitment every day with great sacrifice and professionalism, the applause also goes to our wonderful and numerous audience, first of all the Maraia Gialloblù who followed us everywhere with great passion and support together with the our partners who, on this occasion, we involved in an event that we thought was a simple greeting between friends, and was instead welcomed with the enthusiasm of those who want to continue to be a protagonist with us and part of an inclusive, ambitious and virtuous. I am honored, today more than ever, to represent this Club and all the people who are part of it in different roles and allow its daily growth, of course together and in synergy we can proudly represent the soul and image of Verona also well beyond the walls of our Palasport”.