Verona Volley and the Stoytchev-Kaziyski Volleyball Academy together for a new collaboration. The agreement between the two societies has the objective of discovering and developing young talents with the possibility of pre-registration on the part of Verona Volley on players for the future. The two parties will cooperate with each other in the mission of promoting competences and capacity of young people in order to approach professionalism. Verona has the possibility of individuating and majorly interesting profiles, introduced into the Accademia, guaranteeing significant growth for them and then report them within the Scaliger walls. Therefore, an important collaboration takes place aimed at safeguarding young talents and promoting the educational activity of volleyball.

“Come Verona Volley, we are very happy to start this collaboration that will allow us to develop talents and make players grow internally in a sportive and formative path of high level,” commented satisfied coach Radostin Stoytchev. “In this way our Club has the possibility to follow nearby young athletes and at the same time give them the opportunity to have an important showcase for their future in the world of volleyball”.

These are the words of the president Stefano Fanini: “We are pleased and satisfied to kick off this important collaboration that perfectly reflects the line that we, like Verona Volley, have undertaken right away. The enhancement and development of young athletes is a pillar of our tea project is a clear goal that we have set ourselves. Thanks to this affiliation, we have the possibility to guarantee a path of growth for athletes who are aiming to achieve professionalism. For us, it is a reason of pride to cultivate initiatives like the one with the Volleyball Academy Stoytchev- Kaziyski, who can count on qualified coaches at youth level”.