Tiger Bridge 5.0 is now available for download

The latest Tiger Bridge update brings a host of new & improved features, including greater versioning control and advanced monitoring capabilities.

What’s new in version 5.0?

Versioning Policy

File versioning users can now set a policy allowing automated control over the number of versions kept on the target. This can be:

  • Based on the age or maximum number of versions
  • Set as a global policy or for a specific source-target pair

You can also customize age-based policies based on desired maximum number of file replicas at any point in time.

Soft-delete Policy

Delay file deletion sync when a source is paired with a target that does not support versioning. The Soft Delete policy provides you with a safety net against accidental deletion of files from the source if you have set up Tiger Bridge to delete the replica from the target when a file is deleted from the source.

Set globally or for a specific source-target pair.

Advanced Monitoring of Tiger Bridge Status, Managed Data and Operations

  1. New set of icon overlays
    Icon overlays now cover more data states including transitional ones (queued for replication and failed replication, for example).
    NB: Tiger Bridge 5.0 also introduces changes in status icon default behavior. You can configure Tiger Bridge to use the icon overlays with their legacy states (Tiger Bridge 4.x or earlier).
  2. Tiger Bridge tray icon
    The Tiger Bridge tray icon now displays Tiger Bridge status (running, paused, not activated) and the status of the automatic replication queue (complete, running, failed).
  3. More information about sources as part of Tiger Bridge configuration
  4. Improved integration with Windows Event Viewer
  5. Stats about the root of a source volume now displayed in the Tiger Bridge tab of Windows Explorer
  6. Source folder icon now displays with a Tiger Bridge logo icon in Windows Explorer to set source folders apart from other folders

Introducing Tiger Bridge Explorer

Tiger Bridge Explorer is a graphic interface browser, which allows you to explore the contents of your sources, filtering by source, data status and target tier. You can download the results displayed for a browsed path as a list in a text file. You can also use Tiger Bridge Explorer to perform manual lifecycle operations, including bulk operations on multiple files with the same status.

Support for AWS S3 Glacier Instant Retrieval Storage Class

Support applies to both automatic policies and manual replication to AWS S3 Glacier Instant Retrieval storage class.

New Cloud Targets

Tiger Bridge now also supports the following cloud targets:

  • ORockCloud
  • SymplyNEBULA

Other Notable Improvements & Changes in Tiger Bridge 5.0

  • Revert file modifications via Tiger Bridge shell extension
  • Manually replicate data to a selected tier on AWS S3 and Azure targets
  • Support for Windows® 11/Server 2022
  • Support for Azure blob versioning and snapshots
  • Dropped support for AWS access key rotation