Tiger Bridge 5.0.2 is now available for download

The latest Tiger Bridge update brings improvements in product experience and issue resolution.

Improved sync with the target

Tiger Bridge 5.0.2 includes improvements ensuring that all needed data is synchronized on initial pairing of the source with the target or when synchronizing sources through a common target.

Tiger Bridge Explorer fixes

To prevent instability of Tiger Bridge Explorer, in version 5.0.2 all buttons remain inactive until you select a file or folder in the Explorer.

Faster initial scan of sources

Tiger Bridge 5.0.2 further speeds up the initial scan of your sources on startup.

Reporting archived files per target’s own archiving policy

When a target supports archiving but prevents Tiger Bridge archive policy, Tiger Bridge 5.0.2. marks a file as archived immediately after the target archive policy’s timeout elapses. This reduces any costs that may be generated when Tiger Bridge checks whether a file is indeed moved to the archive tier by the target’s own archiving policy.

Improved handling of read-only files on an NFS share source

Version 5.0.2 resolves problems which could occur when handling Read Only files stored on an NFS network share source.

Improved connectivity to S3-compatible targets

Version 5.0.2 resolves problems that could prevent you from establishing connection to your S3-compatible target when providing the access credentials.

Stub file improvements

Tiger Bridge provides the following stub file improvements:

  • you can now change the stub file Read Only and Hidden attributes
  • you can handle Read Only stub files without causing system instability
Improved support for DWG files synchronization

Version 5.0.2 ensures uninterrupted access to DWG files in CAD workflows. If a DWG file is opened on synchronized computers for previewing, they will not lose access to it when changes are introduced and saved to the file on another computer.

Improved collaboration with antivirus programs

Concurrent request for access to a managed file’s stream from Tiger Bridge and the antivirus program could lead to temporary file system deadlock. Version 5.0.2 includes improvements that prevent such conflicts and prevent file system delays caused by them.