Verona Volley and TSV Hartberg Volley open a new path with a collaboration that allows them to combine the experience of the SuperLega Credem Banca – a point of reference for international volleyball – with that of the Powerfusion Volley League, with the complete collaboration of the VolleyAcademy Stoytchev-Kaziyski, a Bulgarian volleyball talent factory.

The aim of this international cooperation will be the joint development of young talents at different stages of their careers. The fusion and use of the know-how of coaches and supervisors of the three parties involved will be at the heart of the collaboration. Furthermore, a global business platform will be developed for sponsors and companies to ensure mutual economic success.

Coordinating the activities is GoRaZoSports developer Gottfried Rath-Zobernig, former sports director of the Austrian Volleyball Federation: “This cooperation marks a new era for volleyball. It has achieved the goal of using the strengths of all partners to create new opportunities, especially for young players. Being able to grow alongside a top club like Verona Volley will give TSV Hartberg Volleyball and the VolleyAcademy the chance to succeed and I am sure that this great opportunity will be exploited to the fullest its full potential. Promoting Austrian volleyball and creating new prospects for its talents is still very close to my heart and bringing three countries together in cooperation of this kind will benefit the sport and economic partners.”

Stefano Fanini, President of Verona Volley: “First of all I would like to thank TSV Hartberg Volleyball and the Volleyball Academy Stoytchev-Kaziyski for having decided to undertake this journey with us, which I am sure will prove profitable. It is partnerships like these that provide further value to a Club like ours which aims to increasingly broaden the base and strengthen the structure which is continuously under construction every day. Verona Volley bases its roots on well-defined values, which we fully found in the other two parties involved in the project. The exchange of ideas between high-profile figures who promise will be energy for our society and for our Youth Sector, which will certainly benefit from this collaboration. From both a business and tourism point of view we can develop important solutions through this synergy.”

Radostin Stoytchev, Head Coach of Verona Volley: “For me it is a dream come true and a special day. We have united three honest realities with the same aim which is to accompany young athletes until they reach a high level in the volleyball field. We managed to create a great project that starts now but which I am sure will have a long life. We will need it to grow at a corporate level but also to improve our know-how as coaches. We will work closely together and the objectives are clear. In a short time, we aim to produce important athletes like Mozic and Keita, but our intent is also to give lessons to kids for their sporting and human growth. We set out to work hard together to achieve these results.”


Manfried Schuller, President TSV Hartberg Volleyball: “The collaboration offers the ideal opportunity to bring the standards that have proven themselves at national level into an international comparison. We strive to develop step by step and now have the opportunity to learn from the best. Our club also sees itself as a center for social and economic networking beyond sport.”

Markus Gaugl, General Manager TSV Hartberg Volleyball: “Our club’s philosophy is to offer top talents an environment in which they can best develop as players with professional training facilities and conditions in the Bundesliga. With this collaboration, we make ourselves even more attractive to young players and allows us to manage their path to excellence up to the highest level of European volleyball.”

Markus Hirczy, Head Coach TSV Hartberg Volley: “I am very proud to be part of this project. Just as our players are constantly growing, we also want to develop structurally. This collaboration is ideal for guaranteeing the quality of our athletes. The development of our young talents is at the center of our efforts and this project. Personally, I am looking forward to working together with the coaches of Verona Volley and Volley Academy.”


Martina Karagiozova, Vice President VolleyAcademy: “The project is an extension of our main goal of developing young players by giving them the opportunity to play volleyball at an international level. We consider it a milestone in the growth path of VolleyAcademy. The collaboration with Verona Volley and TSV Hartberg Volley will bring a unique opportunity for coaches to exchange ideas and skills, creating mutual training camps and tournaments. We believe this will provide unique opportunities for our players to pursue their volleyball careers.”

Nikolay Zikolov, member of the Board of Directors: “VASK is dedicated to the development of young people not only in volleyball skills but also as human beings and therefore we are looking forward to starting our three-way collaboration with Verona Volley and TSV Hartberg Volley which will enrich our activities and will give new horizons to our young people.”

Svetozar Ivanov, Head Coach of the men’s team: “We are excited about the opportunities this collaboration will provide for coaches to exchange knowledge and expertise. Working together with Verona Volley and TSV Hartberg Volley will bring further benefits for the development of our players.”