A victory sought and obtained with great determination. WithU Verona triumphs in the Derby del Veneto, overcoming Pallavolo Padova with another test of character, which projects it into third position with 14 points. Coach Stoytchev’s team confirms the good things they had shown in previous outings, winning their second success in a row and once again achieving excellent percentages. The Gialloblù prevailed with 61% positivity in attack and an impressive number of aces (11). Excellent dribbling performance by Spirito, awarded MVP of the match, while the trio of wonders Keita-Mozic-Sapozhkov put down a total of 11 points. The next appointment is scheduled for Sunday 27 at 18.00 on the Modena field.


In the starting sextet coach Stoytchev relies on Spirito in the control room, with Sapozhkov completing the diagonal. In place 4 space for the tandem formed by Mozic and Keita, while Mosca and Cortesia move in the center. Gaggini confirmed in the free role. The start is in favor of the guests, who after an interesting exchange put the first ball on the ground with Petkovic. The yellow-blues’ reaction is immediate. First they evened the score with Cortesia, then they went on thanks to Sapozhkov’s diagonal (4-3). Padova, however, puts his face back, taking advantage of a non-impeccable reception and flies to +3 with Desmet’s ace (5-8). The distances are shortened again: Gaggini recovers and Keita places an uncatchable pipe. Then Mozic raises his voice both against the block and from place 4, making the score 10-10. The Paduans find another break, extending again (11-14). After reducing the gap, Cortesia hurts from nine meters, stamping the 14-14. Verona takes the measures and strikes: Cortesia’s block is worth 21 to 18. Immediately after Sapozhkov unleashes his power on the serve, slipping in two aces that drive the arena crazy. On the other hand, Gardini replies, but the set ends 25-21 for the hosts.


Back on the pitch, the guests still started strong, but Keita proved to be lethal in serving, with two direct points, interspersed with a monster block by Sapozhkov, which overturned the result (5-2). The local troops keep a safe distance, but Cuttini’s boys recover and take the lead (7-8). The two teams battle it out and give flashes of great volleyball. Verona pushes back from nine meters with the usual Keita, capable of stamping two more aces. Grozdanov follows close behind and the Gialloblù fly up 17 to 12. The Scala players find continuity in the game and take off, conceding little or nothing to their opponents. A diagonal from Keita makes it 23 to 15. Sapozhkov gives him the set point, then it’s a first half by Grozdanov to end the partial at 25 to 17.


Grozdanov picks up where he left off, turning Spirito’s suggestion into gold. The Ligurian director then becomes the protagonist with an ace. Volleyball Padova unleashes its reaction, but WithU holds the impact and with Sapozhkov goes 8-4. The attack works, the black and whites try to get back into the game, but Keita doesn’t fit and with a winning long line he signs the 13-10. Grozdanov takes pleasure in batting, finding the point that puts him ahead by two four lengths. The guests’ attempts are shattered against the Gialloblù dominance. Mozic and his teammates keep the fellow-regionals at a safe distance, led by Petkovic, who tries to reopen the game with two direct points from nine meters (21-17). The Serbian hammer takes the chair and brings his to -2. Keita signs on 23-20. Sapozhkov will take care of putting the point on the match, with the Gialloblù winning the Derby in three sets thanks to another convincing performance.

Coach Stoytchev’s statements at the end of the match: “I’m happy with the performance and the points because the result was by no means a given. We had very low error rates in the various fundamentals, managing to maintain a high level throughout the race. It was difficult for them to oppose us we were incisive and efficient in attack. We are working every day to improve in some phases, so we think match after match to arrive in the best condition for each match”.