A hard-fought match, that of the Agsm Forum which saw Allianz Milan win 3-1, with two sets closed to the advantages and the second in the hands of the yellow and blue, authors of a test of great pride. Milan proves superior, especially in defense, and manages to win the key balls to close the first and fourth sets.

Gialloblù on the field with Spirito-Jensen, Cortesia-Nikolic, Asparuhov-Mozic and Bonami free. And we start strong, with the points of Mozic and the Veronese wall in the first exchanges. Some mistakes in attack, and Milan tries to escape at 3-6, but the yellow-blues patiently chase after them and hang up on 11-11. The Milanese terminals, Jaeschke and Patry, try to increase the pace, but with Asparuhov’s ace it’s up to Verona to put a foot forward. The challenge continues to be very hard fought, exciting. The set ball is from Milan, but the video check says that they will go to the advantages, the Allianz presses on the accelerator and closes it.

Also in the second set the guests start with one foot ahead, Verona Volley has to chase and does so relying on the top scorer of SuperLega Rok Mozic. The Gialloblù change pace, Luca Spirito drags his team, and even the effectiveness of the block is once again decisive. Milan returns to the charge on 16-16 with Chinenyeze, Mozic distances himself again with a couple of attacks that blow up the Forum, and we arrive at the last exchanges. The Veronese first set ball is canceled by Piano, but Magalini’s hands-out brings the result even.

A great turn at Piano’s serve opens the third set in favor of Milan, who immediately jumps to +4 and forces coach Stoytchev to ask for a time-out. Mozic’s ace reopens the challenge, Magalini’s monster block closes an endless exchange at 6-7, and Verona is back in the game. Milan, however, grows in attack, point by point, recreating a deep groove that, now ahead with the score, the yellow and blue are no longer able to fill, also thanks to a sharp decline in offensive percentages. An error in the Veronese serve decides the set.

Verona restarts from its power stations in the fourth set. Nikolic and Cortesia find the first points, the set is balanced and spectacular, a huge wall by Jensen gives the 10-8; Allianz, however, found a poisonous ace with Chinenyeze and took the lead, even Piano put two points in the middle of the net to distance himself. But the Gialloblù did not give up, with Mozic’s ace worth 18-19 they prepare for a fiery finale. Milan has match ball at its disposal, but Mozic’s counterattack turns it off. It still goes to the advantages, the video check recognizes a touch on the Milanese wall that still postpones the showdown, but the ace of Ishikawa delivers the three points to Milan.


Radostin Stoytchev: “In the first set, although we started at a disadvantage, we played until the last, I’m sorry because it could have changed the game. They defended a lot, we started well in the second set, with three points ahead, it gave us hope, but in the third set we got stuck on a rotation on Piano’s flot bar, too many mistakes on our part. Mozic, after only two full workouts, needed to catch his breath. The fourth set was also point to point, when we hung up it is the episode that decides, but the game was in our reception. It was not as positive as it should have been, and in terms of counterattack we were below our percentages. “

Giulio Magalini: “In the second set we started to refuel, the important thing is to always believe in it. Today all of our efforts were not enough, we have to play even more against Piacenza on Saturday. Positives? Surely the public, which gave us an edge. In counterattack and defense we started to raise the level, so our performance increased. Here’s how we won the second set. Too bad for the last set, played point to point, and recovered in the final, now head to the next. “

Verona Volley – Allianz Milan 1-3
(26-28, 25-22, 16-25, 25-27)

VERONA VOLLEY: Courtesy 6, Magalini 10, Vieira de Oliveira 0, Asparuhov 5, Mozic 25, Nikolic 6, Jensen 19, Spirito 3, Qafarena ne, Wounembaina 0, Zanotti ne Donati (L), Bonami (L). Herds Stoytchev.
ALLIANZ MILANO: Chinenyeze 14, Staforini (L), Daldello 0, Romanò 6, Maiocchi 0, Patry 18, Piano 13, Mosca 0, Ishikawa 14, Djokic 0, Porro 3, Jaeschke 11, Pesaresi (L). All .: Square

REFEREES: Massimo Rolla (Perugia) and Maurizio Merli (Terni).

SET DURATION: 34 ‘, 27’, 26 ‘, 33’. tot 2h and 00 ‘.

NOTES: spectators: 1,335. Verona Volley: 8 blocks, 3 aces, 11 errors in service, 50% in attack, 38% (25%) in reception. Allianz Milano: 9 blocks, 4 aces, 14 serving errors, 55% in attack, 52% (23%) in reception.
MVP: Jean Patry