In the 2022/2023 season that has just ended, Verona Volley recorded important numbers on the net. And this also thanks to the performances from place three, from which intricate situations have often been unraveled. The role was interpreted excellently by Leandro Mosca, who, alternating with his partner in the Cortesia department, was always able to offer his contribution in his first year within the Scaliger walls. The Marchesian showed up with that prestigious gold medal from the World Cup around his neck which represented a thick business card.

A few days after his arrival following the world championship expedition with the Azzurri, the centre-back born in 2000 was immediately thrown into the fray, totaling 25 tokens at the end of all and playing 88 sets. In these games he scored 109 times, with a positivity percentage in attack of 60%. It was at the block, however, that he expressed his best potential, so much so that he blocked his opponents on 36 occasions, which he converted into a point. The batting flot, on the other hand, produced 4 aces.

The number 18 from Recanati showed off his best performance at the PalaPanini against Modena in the first leg. In that case he went to the scoresheet 11 times, printing the beauty of 5 blocks overall. He too went in double figures in Game 2 of the Quarter Play Offs, when he gave Lube 10 points, including 4 monster blocks.