Rana Verona’s work continues at a great pace at the Pala AGSM AIM in view of the new SuperLega Credem Banca season. For Coach Stoytchev’s team, a lot of physical work in this first phase of activity at the arena under the guidance of athletic trainer Tsvetelin “Tsetso” Ivanov, who offers diversified exercises in the gym, on the pitch and also in training sessions in the pool.

Tsetso, we are in the midst of preparing for the new season after the first phase which took place in Varna. How is it going?

“The preparation period in Varna was very positive. We worked well physically and mentally and we are continuing in this direction here in Verona too to reach the highest level during the season.”

After the summer break, how did you find the team and the new arrivals who have joined the group so far?

“I found the guys well. I followed them during the summer giving them precise instructions. The new ones brought that enthusiasm and desire to do things that we recognize in all the members of the team. This is certainly good for the group and every day they learn more and more what our way of working is and what the path to follow is.”

What is your assessment of this first part of preparation?

“We always try to be better than yesterday and worse than tomorrow, with a view to constant improvement. Every day we aim to bring home an extra 1% in our growth path, as is also indicated on our logo, our identity. The mentality is to take a step forward every day and athletic training is no exception.”

What’s the next step?

“To go more specifically, from both a physical and technical point of view. To date we have worked more generally to stabilize the body and mind in such a way as to reduce the risk of injury. Now we can push more on various aspects to reach a high level on the pitch.”

What is the key to maintaining optimal physical and mental condition during an intense season like the one that promises to be?

“Definitely that of giving your best at all times and this applies to both the players and the staff. So, we can get to our goal as quickly as possible. We have a long way to go and for this reason we must think about doing things that are impossible for others.”