Rana Verona immediately gets back on the right path and snatches another vital victory for the rankings, the sixth in the last seven days of the SuperLega. In a Pala AGSM AIM once again dressed to the nines, Coach Stoytchev’s team achieved a full result against Farmitalia Catania, last in the class but an opponent who proved difficult to overcome. Full marks for Amin, protagonist of a performance to remember with 19 points, 4 aces and 58% positivity in attack, while Mozic, with 16 balls hit on the ground, reached and surpassed the threshold of 1000 points in the Regular Season. The MVP award, however, was won by Spirito, who was practically impeccable in directing. The Scala team, therefore, arrive with enthusiasm for the next upcoming match, scheduled for Wednesday evening on the pitch of their direct competitor Monza.

In the initial lineup, Coach Stoytchev relies on Spirito’s hands as dribbler, with Amin returning as the opposite. In the squad there is space for captain Mozic together with Dzavoronok, while in the center the returning Grozdanov joins Mosca, with D’Amico in the role of libero.

The match opens with Tondo’s service error, which is followed by Mosca’s first half (2-1). The initial balance is confirmed with the long 4-4 action, concluded by Buchegger. The locals’ attempt to reach forward is interrupted by Randazzo’s lucky ace, with the round block worth the overtaking (6-7). Mosca finds a draw twice in a row from place three (9-9). Amin’s long line keeps the match in balance, with Buchegger sending his team ahead (12-13). Break for the guests with a point from nine meters by Tondo (14-16). Amin hits attacks and blocks, giving his team momentum back, with the complicity of Dzavoronok (17-17). Once parity has been restored, Amin reverses the trend with an applause-worthy ace (20-19), before unleashing a great attack for the +2 (23-21). Verona takes possession of the match and closes the first set with Dzavoronok’s hands-out (25-22).

Departure in favor of the hosts in the second half, with Amin bending Cavaccini’s hands, followed by two consecutive blocks which increased the advantage (5-1). The Scala team took off thanks above all to the shots unleashed by Amin, who hit two consecutive aces from nine meters (9-3). Grozdanov also proved to be determined on serve, hitting an ace that landed in the conflict zone and gave a margin of seven points (14-7). Dzavoronok raises his voice at the wall, before Keita converts the first ball served to him by his teammates into a point (18-9). The Czech hammer also hits the serve, then Spirito also adds his signature for the 23-13. Buchegger tries to shake him, but Keita unleashes himself again and seals the score (25-15).

The third set again features Keita, who entered the match well and was able to score twice in the space of a few exchanges. After the attack by Catania, the number 9 strikes again, before a break by the guests, who gain a two-point advantage (5-7). Buchegger sends him three points ahead, before Dzavoronok realizes a beautifully crafted pipe that reduces the gap (10-12). Keita decides to strike out on his own and completely turns the situation around with two aces that set the arena ablaze (14-13). The Etna team regained the lead in the score and with Massari’s ace they took the lead to 16-20. Keita closes the gap, but Buchegger plays well with his hands on the block and gives him the set point (19-24), with Tondo closing the half.

Upon returning to the field, D’Amico defends a ball which Dzavoronok then scores for 1-0. Amin uses cunning and finds the break (3-1). Buchegger takes Orduna’s suggestion with one hand and tries to shake him for 5-3. Mozic makes the new move, with Amin providing continuity from nine metres, as does the Scaliger captain himself, who finds the winning opening (9-5), before saving a ball now considered lost which leads to Amin’s point. The guests try to reopen the game and with Masulovic’s block they reach 11-10. Mosca raises his voice in the center of the net, but the score remains in balance, which Dzavoronok tries to break with an ace (14-12). Amin goes strong and gives the +3, with Mozic not far behind (17-14). Verona remains two points above, but the Sicilians do not give up (21-19). Grozdanov finds time well in position three for 23-19, before the set point by Mozic, who also closes the contest with a movie library monster block (25-21).


Rana Verona – Farmitalia Catania 3–1 (25-22; 25-15; 19-25; 25-21)

Rana Verona: Spirito 1, Amin 19, Mozic 16, Dzavoronok 10, Mosca 10, Grozdanov 7, D’Amico (L), Jovovic, Keita 9, Sani, Cortesia, Zingel, Zanotti, Bonisoli (L). All. Stoytchev

Farmitalia Catania: Basic 2, Orduna, Massari 4, Masulovic 8, Buchegger 29, Randazzo, 12 Tondo 9, Cavaccini (L), Pierri (L), Guarienti Zappoli, Bossi, Frumuselu, Baldi, Santambrogi or. All. Bua

Referees: Zanussi (1st), Zavater (2nd), Lorenzin (3rd) Video Check Officer: Danieli

Set duration: 29′; 24′; 26′; 29′; total: 1h48′

Attack: Rana Verona 53; Farmitalia Catania 56

Walls: Rana Verona 9; Farmitalia Catania 3

Ace: Rana Verona 10; Farmitalia Catania 5

MVP: Luca Spirito

Spectators: 3414