Rana Verona finds continuity and wins the second consecutive victory, something that had not yet happened this season. Coach Stoytchev’s team leaves no chance for Cisterna Volley, collects the entire stake and for the first time in the 2023/2024 Super League does not concede any sets to its opponents. A test of character on the part of the Scala team, who show up for the last match of the first round, scheduled for 26 December in Civitanova, with even more certainty and awareness. The Veronese attackers dragged the group along, even in the most intricate situations, with Sani – awarded MVP of the match – author of 18 points (with 2 blocks), the same tally as Mozic, also capable of hitting 2 aces. Amin also scored in double figures (14 points).

In the starting six, Coach Stoytchev relies on Jovovic’s hands as dribbler, with Amin in the opposite role, while in place four there is room for Sani and captain Mozic. Grozdanov and Zingel have space in the center, with D’Amico as libero.

The guests broke the deadlock with a block out by Grozdanov. The response is immediate thanks to Sani’s winning attack from the second line (1-2). The Pontine team tries to move forward with Peric’s soft touch. The start of the match was in favor of the Lazio team, with Jovovic trying to interrupt the series with a second-intention touch (3-6). The Serbian director also makes his presence felt on the block for Verona’s first break (6-7). Then Amin takes over, finding the right opening on both sides of the net (9-10). A super defense by Mozic slips into the corner and the Scaligeri remain in their wake (12-14). Faure launches his lead at 12-16 and Cisterna maintains a four-point lead. Mozic leads the charge with a great attack, before hitting two aces in a row that equalize the score (21-21). After a long exchange, Sani’s shot is worth the overtaking and set ball, with Verona managing to close the half at 25-23.

The start of the second set speaks to Veronese: Amin with his viewfinder catches the opponent’s reception unprepared, before Mozic’s spike (5-2). The captain puts the turbo on and keeps his team ahead by three points (7-4). Rana Verona increases its lead led by Mozic and Sani, author of the winning pipe of 13-8. The team led by Falasca tries to make up ground with the newly introduced Bayram, who scores the point of 16-13. Some errors at the net by the guests favored the escape of the home team, who took the lead at 19-15. Amin’s block, yet another shot from Sani from place six and Zingel’s quick shot give further certainties to Verona, who flies towards the end of the set, then it is the usual Sani who also gets his hands on the second set, blocking the opponents (25-17).

The third half opens with the point scored by Sani, then Mozic once again puts his signature on the match (2-1). Amin and Sani further raise the revs of their engines and allow Verona to clearly separate from their opponents. A long series of serves by the opposite player with number 10 – also characterized by an ace – brings the Scala team to 8-2. Cisterna closes the gap with a positive streak from the nine meters of Ramon, who also scores an ace, then Peric finds the attack which is worth the draw (10-10). Bayram finds the pass and the Pontini take the challenge to their side, before Sani and Mozic restore strength to the locals. Amin’s block coincides with the new tie (15-15). In this phase, balance reigns supreme, then Keita, having entered for Amin, finds the point of 18-18, which anticipates the blocks of Sani and Zingel. Ramon overtakes, but Sani keeps the set in the balance (22-22). Mozic lands the first match point, but Cisterna cancels it. He goes to the advantages. Bayram’s error gives Verona victory, the second in a row.


Rana Verona – Cisterna Volley 3–0 (25-23; 25-17; 27-25)

Rana Verona: Jovovic 3, Amin 14, Mozic 18, Sani 18, Grozdanov 2, Zingel 4, D’Amico, Spirito, Keita 1, Dzavoronok, Mosca, Cortesia, Zanotti, Bonisoli (L). All. Stotychev

Cisterna Volley: Baranowicz 1, Ramon 11, Faure 15, Peric 5, Rossi 5, Nedeljkovic 3, Piccinelli (L), Czerwinski, Mazzone 1, Bayram 5, Tosti, Finauri, Giani, De Santis (L). All. Falasca.

Referees: Cesare (1st), Rossi (2nd), Angelucci (3rd) Video Check Officer: Cristoforetti

Set duration: 30′; 23′; 33′; total: 1h 26′

Attack: Rana Verona 49%; Cistern Volleyball 39%

Walls: Rana Verona 6; Volleyball Cistern 5

Ace: Rana Verona 4; Volleyball Cistern 2

Spectators: 3312

MVP: Francesco Sani