There had to be a reaction and there was a reaction for Rana Verona, who won 3 to 1 at Farmitalia Catania and obtained her second victory of the season, rising to 7 points in the standings. Coach Stoytchev’s team enters the field with the right determination, takes a two-set lead, doesn’t give up after the third half and closes the game with a great fourth set. Driven by an overwhelming captain Mozic – 30 points, 4 blocks and a well-deserved MVP award – the Scala team smile again together with their fans, who came to support them even at the foot of Etna. Applause also came from central defenders Grozdanov and Mosca, both in double figures with 13 and 10 points respectively. The next appointment is set for Saturday 18 November with the Venetian derby against Padova.

In the initial lineup, Coach Stoytchev still relies on Jovovic’s hands as dribbler, with Amin in the opposite role and the Mozic-Sani duo in the forward position. In the center there is room for Grozdanov and Mosca, with D’Amico as libero.

The challenge begins with Tondo’s point, with the Veronese response arriving immediately. Verona overtakes with the block found by Mosca (3-4). Then Amin makes a great save from D’Amico and keeps the front of him, before Buchegger reverses the trend again (8-6). Grozdanov takes the lead with a great first half and a well-calibrated ace that scores a draw (11-11). As the minutes passed, Stoytchev’s team gained confidence and the understanding between Jovovic and his teammates worked. The block in Moscow is followed by a long series of serves by Sani, who is also good at landing an ace (17-19). Buchegger gets his team back on track and balance returns to the pitch (22-22). Then the usual Grozdanov raises his voice against the wall and the score opens up in favor of the guests (23-25).

Upon returning to the pitch, Mozic and his teammates immediately attempted to break away from their opponents. Mosca proves lethal both in attack and in blocking, launching his team at 3-7, before the winning shots from Grozdanov and Amin, who maintain the four-point advantage (7-11). Then, Amin scores a long series from nine meters, which allows him to increase the gap (8-14). The Etna team’s attempt at recovery was dampened by a great team compactness. Mozic converts an incredible pipe at the end of a long exchange, then it is the captain himself who gives the new +3 to Verona, taking up Jovovic’s invitation as best he can (18-21). Amin’s billiard shot was worth the set point, with the partial closed by Sani (22-25).

Mozic’s block starts the third period, then Amin takes care of it from place two to score the third point (1-3). Catania doesn’t feel the pinch and tries to get back into the game with its laterals. The guests, however, manage to contain their opponents’ attempts and with two blocks from Moscow they maintain a decent advantage (12-15). With Amin’s diagonal, the Scala troops gain further ground. The match seems over, the Scaliger attack works both in the flank and in the centre, especially with Amin and Mosca, but the Sicilians show off a proud reaction. Verona would close the score, but the video check for a touch on goal is not a valid ally. The Sicilians take the set to the advantage and reopen the match (27-25).

At the start of the fourth set, Verona tries to create a breakthrough and with Sani’s deadly pipe they reach 2-6. Grozdanov makes himself heard on the block, printing a monster block that brings applause for the 4-8. Mozic is also decisive from the second line and the advantage for the Scaligeri becomes more consistent, separating their opponents (4-10). Place six benefits Stoytchev’s men, who further extend their lead with Mozic and then with Sani (7-16). Amin’s wall in collaboration with Moscow yields another point for the Scala troops. The ball within three meters of Sani puts Verona at +10. The winning agreement between Jovovic and Grozdanov paves the way to Verona and the opponents finally fade away. Verona maintains concentration until the end and with an attacking error by Catania puts the seal on the contest.


Farmitalia Catania – Rana Verona 1–3 (23-25; 22-25; 27-25; 16-25)

Farmitalia Catania: Orduna 2, Manavinezhad, Tondo 4, Buchegger 20, Randazzo 16, Masulovic 1, Pierri (L), Basic 16, Cavaccini (L), Guarienti Zappoli 4, Baldi, Bossi 4, Frumuselu, Santambrogio. All. Douglas Silva. Rana Verona: Jovovic, Amin 13, Sani 12, Mozic 30, Dzavoronok 1, Grozdanov 13, Mosca 10, D’Amico (L), Spirito, Keita, Truhtchev (L), Cortesia, Zanotti, Bonisoli. All. Stoytchev

Referees: Boris (1st), Simbari (2nd), Cavalieri (3rd) Video Check Officer: Galletti

Set duration: 35′; 31′; 43′; 27′; total: 2h 16′

Attack: Farmitalia Catania 46%; Rana Verona 53%

Walls: Farmitalia Catania 4; Rana Verona 14 Ace: Farmitalia Catania 1; Rana Verona 3

MVP: Rok Mozic

Attendance: 929