Beautiful and concrete. Rana Verona shines at the PalaPanini and takes an applause-worthy victory that allows it to break away from Valsa Group Modena and join Monza in sixth place with 20 points. Coach Stoytchev’s boys demonstrated continuity in all the fundamentals throughout the entire match, which ended in three sets, and extended their positive streak in the Super League with the fifth useful result in a row. In the history of Verona volleyball, success in the Emilian city had been missing since 2019. Overall, Verona finished with 58% positivity in attack and 55% in reception, with Amin taking the MVP award thanks to a seasoned performance 18 points and 1 ace. Important numbers also for Dzavoronok, also in double figures with 10 balls put on the ground, the same haul as captain Mozic, capable of also printing 3-point blocks. The next appointment is set for next Sunday on the Itas Trentino pitch for the third Adige derby of the season.

In the initial deployment, Coach Stoytchev relies on the hands of Spirito as dribbler, with Amin completing the diagonal and the Mozic-Dzavoronok pair in the lead. In the center there is space for Mosca and Zingel, while the libero is D’Amico. The first point is in favor of the hosts with Amin’s out attack. Verona’s response comes with Dzavoronok’s winning diagonal (2-1). With Brehme’s block, the Emilians moved up 5-3, but the visiting team equalized with Davyskiba’s error (6-6). Amin plays well with his opponents’ hands, before realizing Spirito’s opportunity in place two (8-9). The number 10 shoots two more balls to the ground which are worth the first break (8-12). Dzavoronok then goes on his own from nine meters to make it 11-14. Modena goes back with Davyskiba’s block and Juantorena’s ace, but the Scaligeri keep an almost impossible ball, which Dzavoronok turns into a point (15-18). The advantage increases with Spirito’s monster block, capable of also scoring the ace of 17-23. With Sapozhkov’s series of serves, the Canaries regain ground, but the guests close the set (21-25).

Upon returning to the PalaPanini taraflex, Dzavoronok plays cunningly both in attack and on serve, before Amin’s two diagonals, which make it 3-5. Verona maintains the gap and increases it thanks to the monster block printed by Dzavoronok (6-9). After a successful reception by Spirito, D’Amico holds a ball with his chest, Verona pushes, finds Mozic’s block and an applause pipe from Dzavoronok, with the score going to 8-15. The advantage becomes eight points when Mozic bends the hands of the Emilian defense with a great attack, followed by Zingel’s incredible block, which launches him even more (10-20). Modena tries to get back on track with the former Sapozhkov and Stankovic’s first half (14-21). Davyskiba’s error from nine meters is worth the set point, with the newly introduced Sani putting the seal on the fraction (18-25).

Davyskiba opens the game with an ace in the third set. Mosca makes the most of Spirito’s suggestion, then D’Amico is once again lightning in defense, with Amin closing a prolonged exchange from place two (2-3). Undergoal Mosca twice prevents the opponents from passing to the block, sending Verona 5-7. Sapozhkov reduces the gap from nine meters, but Mozic raises his voice at the block, finding two consecutive monster blocks. Amin is also unstoppable from nine meters, where he shows off all his power for the 6-14. The Iranian opposite is also lethal in attack, but captain Mozic is no different and from place four scores the point 11-20. Verona digs the furrow and channels the match in the most favorable direction, with Mozic putting his signature on the final point (13-25).


Valsa Group Modena – Rana Verona 0–3 (21-25; 18-25; 13-25)

Valsa Group Modena: Bruno 2, Sapozhkov 17, Rinaldi 3, Davyskiba 9, Brehme 2, Sanguinetti 1, Federici (L), Boninfante, Pinali G., Juantorena 3, Pinali R., Stankovic 4, Sighinolfi, Gollini (L). All. Petrella

Rana Verona: Spirito 2, Amin 18, Mozic 10, Dzavoronok 10, Mosca 5, Zingel 4, D’Amico, Jovovic, Keita, Sani 1, Cortesia, Zanotti, Bonisoli (L). All. Stoytchev

Referees: Lot (1st), Cesare (2nd), Santoro (3rd)

Video Check Officer: Bosio

Set duration: 27′; 25′; 24′; total: 1h 16′

Attack: Valsa Group Modena 42%; Rana Verona 58%

Walls: Valsa Group Modena 5; Rana Verona 9

Ace: Valsa Group Modena 4; Rana Verona 4

MVP: Amin Esmaeilnezhad

Spectators: 3856