Zay Projects

The patented Dynamic Radial Closure (DRC) technology is what makes Zay ski boots unique, different from any other boot on the market today.

DRC replaces traditional buckles by wrapping two independent aircraft cables 360° around the mid-foot and toe box areas. Both cables are routed to the heel of the boot and attached to a single lever buckle on the spine of the boot. Each cable is micro-adjustable in the back to ensure the desired tension around the mid- and forefoot.

Once buckled, as forward pressure is applied to the front of the boot during skiing, both cables automatically tighten around the foot. Conversely, as minimal or no forward force is exercised on the tongue of the boot while walking or standing around, the tension around the foot loosens. Think a set-it-and-forget-it fit with auto tension/comfort control! No need to buckle and unbuckle before and after each run.

Dynamic Radial Closure

Outer Shell