Scenes of inevitable jubilation accompanied the post of Sunday’s match, where WithU Verona was able to offer a performance of quality, character and great continuity on the seventh day of SuperLega Credem Banca 2022/2023. The efforts of Vero Volley Monza were useless, which failed to counter the irrepressible fury of Keita and his companions.

If a week earlier in Civitanova, the team led by coach Stoytchev had returned home empty-handed, despite having deserved at least one point, against the Brianzas the commitment and determination were rewarded with a full victory, which sent the Gialloblù in fifth position with 11 points. The Scala attack has given yet another proof of working on several occasions. In fact, the percentage of positivity was equal to 56% and only one error was recorded, with the opponents who stopped the dunks of the yellow-blue hammers only on one occasion.

On the other hand, the blocks-points were 8 overall, an impressive figure considering that the match lasted three sets. The rearguard also performed very well, scoring 50% of positive receptions and conceding only two aces. Furthermore, in 79% of cases the point came after a winning reception. Looking at the singles, Keita has carved out an absolute protagonist role for himself, also deserving the recognition of MVP of the match. The Mali eagle ended the match with 15 balls placed on the ground, 2 of which were blocked and 1 from nine meters. In place 3, both central players performed well.

Moscow and Grozdanov, in fact, have totaled 5 points each, marking a percentage of positivity in attack of 75% and 80% respectively. The direction of Spirito in the control room was also good, author of a punctual distribution for offensive interpreters, also providing his contribution in terms of points (4). WithU Verona has replenished its energy for the Derby del Veneto, scheduled for Monday 21 November at 7.30 pm, always within the friendly walls of the Pala AGSM AIM.