The start of 2023 immediately put WithU Verona in front of a challenge with a high coefficient of difficulty, against the team that numbers and results elect the strongest in the world volleyball scene at the moment. In fact, between the championship and the cups, Sir Safety Susa Perugia hasn’t lost a single match yet. For Stoytchev’s boys, therefore, it was an important test to understand which aspects need to be focused more on in view of the upcoming SuperLega Credem Banca matches.

Last Sunday’s match highlighted the gap between a young group with very large margins for improvement and one with international experience. However, from what emerged during the discussion, the coach from Verona was able to receive precise indications from which to start again. The game and the great efficiency shown by the guests did not allow the Gialloblù attack to express itself to the fullest of its current potential, finishing with a 36% positivity. In this case, it was the power plants that stood out the most. Leandro Mosca grounded 4 of the 6 balls he received, recording a winning attack percentage of 67%. The team mate Lorenzo Cortesia, on the other hand, transformed half of the balls that arrived in place three into points (3 out of 6).

From nine meters, Rapha and his companions totaled 2 aces, one from Sapozhkov and one from Keita, who also found a block, as well as being the best scorer of his team with 10 points. It was Mozic, then, who collected the other wall of the match for him. In reception, despite the insidious serves from Leon and others, the libero Marco Gaggini performed well, finishing his match with 67% positivity in this fundamental. In the counterattack phase, the Veronese troop closed with 52%, the same percentage as the Umbrians.