With the full haul won in the Derby against Pallavolo Padova last Monday, WithU Verona has given continuity to the excellent performance it has offered in the previous SuperLega Credem Banca outings. In a few days, coach Radostin Stoytchev’s team collected two clear successes, getting the better of formidable teammates who concealed many pitfalls. In the two home games, 6 sets were won and 0 were lost, demonstrating the great solidity of the entire sextet on the pitch. Thanks to these results, the classification now reads 14 points and 3rd place in cohabitation with Modena and Cisterna, two of the next three opponents.

The numbers of the last round are emblematic of the test unlined by the Gialloblù Lions, capable of making the attempts of the black and whites to counter them in vain. The offensive department confirmed its high levels, closing with 61% positivity and only one error out of 67 overall attacks. Furthermore, the Paduans were blocked 7 times by block, then conceding 11 direct points from nine meters.

Another figure that certifies the goodness of the work done is that relating to the ball change, where the Scala players transformed 73% of the positive receptions into a point. Speaking of receiving, the rearguard led by Gaggini performed very well, defending the opposing serves positively in 65% of the cases. Looking at the singles, the trio of hammers gave further proof of their strength. All three finished the match in double figures. Keita reached 14 points, but his incisiveness was above all in serving, where he scored 4 aces. Mozic and Sapozhkov, on the other hand, grounded 15 and 14 balls respectively. The Russian giant also placed 3 direct points from nine meters, while the spiker born in 2002 added 3 monster blocks to his personal tally. The performances of the central players Cortesia (8 points, 1 ace and 2 blocks) and Grozdanov (5 points and 2 aces) are also applauded. Luca Spirito deserves an honorable mention, once again impeccable in distribution and author of 3 points (1 ace).

All-important indications for coach Stoytchev, satisfied but at the same time aware that he still has to work hard to reach the ideal level: “If we start receiving in this way, efficiency in attack can only increase. The progress made is the result of a lot of daily work, both on the technique and on the heads of the players to apply what we are developing in practice”.