In this Regular Season the Derby del Veneto spoke only Veronese. In fact, last Sunday, WithU Verona beat the fellow-regional players of Pallavolo Padova for the second time this season, winning the tie-break and snatching two precious points in the playoffs. With this result, coach Stoytchev’s team has obtained 10 points out of the 12 available in the last four SuperLega outings, thus climbing to sixth place in the standings.

The match at the Kioene Arena highlighted a good continuity of goal performance by the Scala players, who finished with a positive percentage in attack equal to 51%. The most significant data, however, is that relating to the counterattack phase, where Magalini and his companions reached 60%, while they found the point after a positive reception in 61% of the cases.

As far as individual performances are concerned, there were two of them who exceeded 20 points over the five sets. First from the opposite side and then from the side Noumory Keita grounded 22 balls, also printing a block and totaling five aces, two of which were consecutive at the end of the fifth set which earned him the victory. Mozic, on the other hand, found exactly 20, four of which from nine metres. Furthermore, the Slovenian finished his game with 70% positive reception. The two centre-backs Cortesia and Grozdanov stood out against blocks, with two monster blocks each, but Sapozhkov’s contribution as substitute was fundamental, capable of converting ten of the eleven balls received into a point. A special mention, however, deserves the performance of the director Luca Spirito, also recognized by the insiders who awarded him MVP of the meeting.