The awareness of being able to compete for points against any opponent has further made its way into the mentality of WithU Verona, which left the field of Civitanova amid the applause of its fans who arrived in the Marche region, but also of the home crowd, who recognized the value of the yellow and blue.

Coach Stoytchev has received good indications from his boys for the rest of the season, even if, as he himself said, he cannot be satisfied, because in all the races he faces, the primary objective remains to win. On the offensive front, the Scaligeri hammers stood at the good levels of the past few days, confirming a certain continuity in attack. For the umpteenth time, Sapozhkov has earned the palm of best scorer of the match between the yellow and blue ranks thanks to the 25 points grounded (only one less than the MVP Garcia. For the Russian giant also three aces and a block, with the percentage of attacks-points equal to 62%. Keita also closed with an important data of subnet positivity (60%) thanks to a total of 14 points (2 direct from nine meters).

Good performance also for Mozic, marked by 16 balls placed in the opponent’s court, two of which are on the wall. In the control room Spirito performed very well, distributing with precision. The setter from Savona also showed himself in the service (3 aces), who finished the match with 8 points and 62% of winning attacks. In reception, the Veronese rearguard took a step forward.

The numbers speak of 59% positivity, even if only in 20% of cases the ball is been placed on the setter’s head. Good signals from WithU Verona, which returned to Verona empty-handed and without having moved the ranking, but charged for the next match, scheduled for Sunday 13 November at 20.30 against Vero Volley Monza.