The classification at WithU Verona smiles, which thanks to the three points collected in the Milanese soil has risen to fifth place alone at an altitude of 8 points. Against Allianz Milano, thanks to a great team effort highlighted by the performance of Keita, author of the 4 fundamental points for the incredible recovery of the third set, the mechanism worked, allowing the yellow and blue to snatch a fundamental victory.

The most significant figure concerns the efficiency in attack, which at the end of the game was 53% with a positive figure of 59%. Out of the 74 attempts to land the ball in the opponent’s field, 44 were successful and only 5 were blocked by the wall of Piano and his teammates. In addition, there is a 0 in the error column. Excellent responses also in the counterattack phase (59% positive) and in the ball exchange, with 28 points scored in these situations out of the 55 overall receptions.

Looking at the singles: the three hammers Keita, Sapozhkov and Mozic unleashed high-level individual performances. The Malian hitter made the difference especially at the end of the third set, where both serving and sub-goal put the Milanese rearguard in difficulty. His performance was spiced with 13 points (2 blocks and 1 ace) and 60% attacking efficiency, while the opposite Russian and Slovenian finished the match with 58% and 52% positivity respectively.

In the control room, Luca Spirito behaved very well, preferring the game in the band to the one in the center. In fact, Cortesia and Grozdanov had few balls available, but managed to make the most of them.

The first landed three out of three attacks (100%); the second three out of four (75%). An excellent test, that of WithU Verona which will give an additional boost for the race scheduled for Sunday in Civitanova.