It is a beautiful WithU Verona that took to the field in Civitanova for the match against Lube. The Gialloblù leave the Marche with the awareness of being able to compete with the most experienced opponents. A first set closed with a difference of 9 points of advantage, a second lost on the wool thread. Only in the third set did the Scala team suffer the counterattack of the Italian champions, who came out at a distance. Verona showed muscle and intelligence, with its men of the band in great dust on the wall and in attack. The 220 centimeters of Sapozhkov, creator of another high level test (24 points with 3 aces), and the reactivity of Spirito that puts Mozic and Keita in the best conditions help. Important indications for coach Stoytchev, who continues in his work to grow the Scaligero roster. This challenge has shown that the Gialloblù team can compete with everyone and represent a real thorn in the side for anyone.


Coach Stoytchev confirms Spirito in the control room in the starting sextet, with Sapozhkov in the role of opposite to complete the diagonal. The two spikers are Keita and Mozic, with Grozdanov-Moscow in the center and Gaggini as free. The challenge starts at a good pace, with Mozic putting down the first point after an interesting exchange. The reaction of the hosts was not long in coming, especially with a winning game in the band. The local team puts their face forward and with an ace from Bottolo tries the draw (8-5). On the wall, the Scaligeri make a big voice with Mozic and Moscow, before Keita places the ball of 9-9. An error from place 2 by Gabi gives the overtaking in Verona. Grozdanov also enters the game, a good subnetwork with first intention to sign on 10-12. Guests trust and try to escape. Sapozhkov and Grozdanov find two monster blocks, which anticipate two super aces from Keita. The yellow and blue fly on 13-20. Two other walls create a furrow that is now unattainable and Verona closes at 16-25.


The start of the second set also speaks Veronese, with a direct point from the service of Spirito. Mozic’s talent lights up, unleashing a winning pipe and a mani out, bringing the score to 4-4. Then De Cecco is unleashed from nine meters with two consecutive aces (8-5). Sapozhkov narrowed the gap with a large diagonal, but Anzani’s first half kept the cooks ahead by four points. Verona remains in the wake, dragged by the Malian hammer and by Mozic, who allows his followers to get back on top. The Russian giant stamps the ace, but it is still the Slovenian who pierces the opponent’s defense and overturns the score (15-16). Stoytchev’s troop flies to 17-19, but Lube takes it back. The match is on balance, with the team’s leading to 23-23. Mozic cancels the first set ball, but a Yant block is worth the momentary draw.  


Upon returning to the field, Gabi immediately finds an ace, but Verona reacts promptly. Sapozhkov scores the 2-2 and Grozdanov makes the overtaking. The hosts found continuity thanks to a good series in the service of Diamantini and a monster block by Yant (6-3). A Sapozhkov long line reduces the distances, but Anzani and Nikolov allow the Marche to fly on the 10-6. Verona’s response occurs with Sapozhkov, who puts in line two points of excellent workmanship (11-10). La Lube maintains a decent margin of advantage, but Keita keeps the Scaligeri afloat with two winning diagonals. Gabi gives his team the extension which is worth 19-14. Verona slips a bit in reception and the opponents take advantage of it. Then WithU has a reaction of pride and with a break goes back down (21-19). There is an attempt to reopen the games, but the red and white remain in front and go 2 to 1.


The team led by Blengini is confirmed on good pace even in the fourth set. Bravo Keita to place the tie ball with an intelligent subnet touch, then an ace from Spirito is worth 3-4. The dispute returns to be played point to point, with Verona having its own against Grozdanov. Then Keita takes care of signing the break for the Scaligeri (10-12). The equilibrium is not broken, but Nikolov pushes his team forward on 16 to 15, immediately equalized by an impregnable diagonal from Mozic. From place 4 Yant does not find the field and allows the guests to get back in the lead (18-19). Verona keeps up with the locals and with Sapozhkov finds the 22-22. A penetrating joke from Rapha puts the rearguard in difficulty and Moscow sets the set point on the counterattack (23-24). Nikolov equalized and two aces from Garcia put the seal on the match.

Coach Stoytchev’s statements at the end of the match: “We lost a match against the Italian champions, finishing two sets out of four with the advantages. If we had won the second, the game would have changed. We were in a hurry to close and this is due to inexperience. We had very high percentages in attack, even though we didn’t manage some situations in the best possible way. This is the path we must take and above all resist the most c moments.”